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LOVE-ing “new” (relatively speaking) Florence & the Machine!!! Sometimes follow ups are hard, but its very her, what you would expect, and GREAT!


Her look totally freaks me out, especially considering she’s only 24 (?).  I do enjoy her sound though… that breathy, gloomy jazz/pop.  However you describe it, I think this song is undeniably great!

Click through for another song…

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This needs no intro… so enjoy.

I’ve been waiting all morning for this to finally be released & be able to post it. But… I’m kinda disappointed.  It’s like thriller with pregnant ladies instead of zombies & Solange is only in it for 10 secs.  I love the song but the video… I just don’t get :/

I don’t know what to do guys… I do actually have posts lined up but WordPress’ photo uploader thing is on strike & refusing to acknowledge the tons of pictures I recently uploaded on to my comp.

Therefore I can’t tell you about the delicious salsa verde I made yesterday, or the yummy cucumber-yogurt sauce I created to accompany our Sunday night lamb chops, or the butter Jj decided to make on a whim.

I can, however, leave you with this great song & cool Drew Barrymore-directed Best Coast video for Wednesday… (I posted on G+ & my tumblr yday but I bet most of you didn’t see either of those things)

Ugh, apparently I can’t do that either. Go here & watch it – its worth it! & so is the behind the scenes video.

“There’s something abou you girl, and it’s rather strange” – Chromeo, When the Night Falls ft. Solange.

Fav line! And also funny bc I do sometimes really like Solange & her style, but sometimes I just think “ohh, girl, that’s whack!”. So yea, there’s something about her but there’s something sort of strange too…

This is off last year’s Business Casual but they’re still promoting it with new remixes.



I love Hercules & Love Affair so I’m really enjoying this remix!! It also sort of modernizes it taking out a bit of Chromeo’s new age-y sound.

I wasn’t going to post anything today, mostly because I can’t get myself to hit “Publish” on my outfit post…

But then I came across this new Mumford & Sons track.  It’s not an actual recording, its from a radio show they did, but the quality is surprisingly good.  Classic melancholy Mumford & Sons…

I stopped watching House awhile ago… when it got scheduled at the same time as Gossip Girl.  I think they moved it again after that but I had lost momentum & though I still think its a great entertaining show, it always follows the same story line thus I got over it. But not over Hugh Laurie.

I did know he played instruments, but assumed it was a hobby.  Appears he’s taken it much more seriously since he recently released an album… a blues album!

I like this vid because his British accent still cracks me up (so unexpected that 1st time!), and its interesting to hear it completely disappear when he sings.  But if you’d rather just listen to some songs, click through

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So I had another post scheduled for today (yes, I am now scheduling posts… I may not have the YSL ring or the Wang bag but I’m scheduling posts… therefore: legit blogger! haha)

Anyway, I just saw this & laughed out loud. It’s amazing. Many of you may not understand why – besides the fact that its a good song- but look up the title of this song (which I just can not get myself to type because I know my dad reads this…) on urban dictionary.


Haven’t heard of Florrie? A) she’s cute! B) she’s talented (she writes, sings, plays drums & guitar) C) she’s unsigned so you can snatch all her music for free. And I want to say she’s Swedish bc its just so easy now with exciting music from cute girls BUT she’s not… anyway enjoy this new song:

and if you like, check out this other one too (which I actually like better)…

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