You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to make butter!! For some reason Jj got curious & decided to try his hand at it.

Ingredients: Heavy cream & herbs

I don’t know if any of you did this as a 2nd grade science experiment (I did not) but apparently you put the heavy cream in a large container (I think you need some room for it) then shake it like crazy, for awhile, this part requires teamwork & Tada! You have butter.

That’s not how he did it though… Heavy cream goes into the stand mixer with the whisk attachment, cover the whole thing with a kitchen towel (bc the heavy cream splatters) & turn it on as high as it goes.  After a few mins the butter (aka fat) will separate from the liquid (aka buttermilk!).  Pour it through a sieve to make sure you get all the butter – you’ll want to save the buttermilk to make pancakes, scones, biscuits, whatever – and form it together.

Chive-lemon thyme butter

At this point you can add whatever flavoring you want. I recommend leaving it unsalted or only adding a tiny sprinkle of salt because then you have super salty butter and have to be careful with how salty the bread or whatever it is that you’re eating it with is.