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I’ve been meaning to make salsa verde for a while but after going to San Antonio & having the MOST disappointing chilaquiles at the hotel I decided I needed to make my own salsa verde immediately in order to redeem that sad situation.

Tomatillos, cilantro, chile serrano, lime, and onion (which I left out of the picture bc it didn’t fit the color scheme)

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Quite possibly one of my favorite dishes/meals ever. When Stef told me recently she had just tried shellfish for the first time I told her she had to try this pasta! So we made a date, bought the ingredients & wine & got cooking (good lookin’!)

The clams popping open like popcorn… so fun!

I didn’t get an ingredients shot this time bc it was getting late & we wanted to get everything ready before the sun went down so we could enjoy the meal outside…

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I originally titled this post Pasta Salad but, honestly, I don’t think that sounds particularly appetizing.  Anyway, since the heat has raised scorching levels in the city Jj specifically requested that we eat cold pasta.  I wasn’t quite convinced bc its not like we had leftovers or already cooked pasta that I could make into a salad… but being the wonderful gf I am, I found a way to make it happen!

I bought some pasta at Bk flea last week from Flour City Pasta.  They make all kinds of pasta with different flavors such as chipotle cilantro fettuccine, wasabi linguine, and mushroom safron orzo.  I definitely want to go through as many of their pastas as I can, but to start off I decide to go simple: Spinach & Garlic Linguine.

Ingredients: aforementioned pasta, chicken sausage, tomato, parsley.

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I saw a photo or something of Spaghetti Carbonara during the week & decided it would be perfect for Brunch. I stopped by Bk Cheese Shop to pick up some Pancetta & Parmesan and got cooking…

I used Fettuccine because that’s what we had & really it makes no difference.  I also specifically searched for a Mario Batali recipe as Jj’s fav version of this pasta is the one at Lupa.

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