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After lots of ice cream making this summer, I knew I would next have to tackle my absolute most favorite ice cream flavor… Cookies & Cream.

Step 1: Making the cookies

And filling:

Disclaimer: I feel like I need to apologize for some of these ingredients… First, I didn’t want so much Hershey’s.  Technically you’re supposed to use dutch process dark but I couldn’t find any at our CT Stop & Shop! I shoulda done the shopping in NY first… Kinda the same goes for the Crisco. Ick. I needed shortening & there is such a thing as organic shortening, but again, that CT Stop & Shop!

Now to work.

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I’ve been thinking awhile about making Toro homemade treats… something healthy  that he could also enjoy. For the first experiment, I decided on something to help him with his puppy dandruff.

Look at that face!

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My mom & I decided to bake scones for bfast on her bday.  It really is marvelous having a home with a fully stocked pantry (& fridge) so you always have the basics for creations like these.  The recipe was for lemon cherry scones but we only had dried cranberries (instead of dried cherries), so Lemon Cornmeal Cranberry scones it was!

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Cookie dough

Oatmeal, choc chip, walnut cookies

And buttermilk biscuits