This isn’t that new anymore but I’m obsessed!

I finally read his Brooklyn Mag cover article so I’ve had this playing on repeat.

Note: the line “the clothes don’t make the man its the man that makes the clothes”.  Did you know he has his own “in-house” design team (yes, a la Gaga)? Though I find this line rather gratuitous because I don’t think it fits in the song, I kind of appreciated it after reading the article.


I think I love this. The boy has so many shirts in the closet he refuses to get rid that I can’t wait to play with!

But I do kind of wish I had discovered this 4 months ago…

I’m finally back with another installment of “What’s in the box?!”

These arrived last night in the mail, after waiting weeks and weeks for them!

Even the inside of the box is cool! As is the dust bag…

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Her look totally freaks me out, especially considering she’s only 24 (?).  I do enjoy her sound though… that breathy, gloomy jazz/pop.  However you describe it, I think this song is undeniably great!

Click through for another song…

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Although I regularly write greenmarket picks for Nona Brooklyn I decided to try another Profile piece.  This time it was Tanoreen.  It’s in Bay Ridge (like 1 hr away!) and has been around for years but has recently had a massive PR explosion.  Everyone’s raving about it! Below are Rawia (the chef/owner, right) & her daughter, Jumana (admin).

It’s family style middle eastern/mediterranean food and its delicious!! Food photos after the jump!

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I meant to post this yday for my bday – but I was too busy celebrating!

Las Mañanitas

(not the funnest video but the best version of the song so…)

Friday I was trying to donate to Obama before the deadline to enter to win the dinner with him.  Weirdly, my credit card would NOT go through. So I decided to try it somewhere else… how to test? Hmm..

I know! Order shoes!

So these are coming in the mail… Hopefully tomorrow!


Why Me? Because…

1. Jj is well Jj – between the bf & me we got that covered.

2. This song!! It’s [on of] my [many] song!! Nov, you can tell ’em why 😉

P.S. so it’s originally Jessie’s on a vacation far away.  JJ lead singer changed it to Elin’s (her name, obvs) & we would change it to Jenny… It became my (our) song in Morocco – def far away!

Few things I’m lovin’ right now:

1) My customized Duck Sauce song

2) The Brooklyn Nets

3) The Buffet Rule.  And as my mom says “It’s not like we’re gonna stop spending”