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This is long overdue but I kept forgetting to get the photos from Jj… I finally did last night & here are photos from the best meal we had all 10 days in Colombia!

Our proud Chef

Background: we had walked about 40 mins to this beach, Playa Blanca on Barú, from our all-inclusive hotel.  We were on a rush to get back for our massages & hopefully grab a quick snack before.  However, as we walked back from our secluded spot on the beach we saw all these lil huts with picnic tables (imagine Barra Vieja, Acapulco if you’ve ever been) and I knew we had to eat there.  Jj was much more hesitant and not very willing to put his 1st world stomach up to this “challenge”.  I prevailed (obviously) after insisting that these were always the yummiest meals & it was just like Acapulco where I always ate & never got sick.

So after checking out the fish…

and picking out our lil guy, I sat & waited for the meal while Jj documented the entire thing step by step!!

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Yesterday, VERY suddenly & unexpectedly the temperature just plummeted!  I hate it & am not mentally prepared.  Neither is my wardrobe… all my pants are dirty, boots & closed toe heels are in closets in CT as are all my transitional sweaters & coats.

So allow me to reminisce about my trip to Colombia…


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It’s official… summer is done. It’s sad sad sad but oh so true.  Back to the grind – which for me means taking care of Toro, job hunting, and lots of writing. The rainy day kind of helps bc at least I’m not mourning not being outside.

Looking at this, on the other hand, does not help at all.

missing the beach… Playa Blanca, Colombia.

I’m on vacay ! Just arrived in Colombia where I’ll be through the end of the month (which I know is only 6 days away). I didn’t prep a accordingly by writing drafts to publish sporadically so instead I’m taking a hiatus…

Hope everyone enjoys the last bits of summer – come back afterbLabor Day when we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming!


P.S. Pls forgive any typos – the iPad doesn’t show me what P.S. Pls forgive any typos – the iPad uses “invisible” font so I can’t see what I’m writing….

In preparation for my trip to Colombia (2 days!!) I’m trying listen to some of the hits down there so I’m not totally outta the loop at the wedding.  Honestly, I don’t know if this is making it big or not but by the looks of the video I want to say… No.

Either way, it totally puts me in the mood to dance & have some beach drinks!!

Warning… I loved this song & am a little saddened now that I saw the video, so maybe just hit play & don’t look at the screen.  This guy is like a little wannabe MJ with a hint of Freddie Mercury (the big mouth mostly) – which was the 1st comment I saw on YouTube & so accurate!!

I’ve been meaning to make salsa verde for a while but after going to San Antonio & having the MOST disappointing chilaquiles at the hotel I decided I needed to make my own salsa verde immediately in order to redeem that sad situation.

Tomatillos, cilantro, chile serrano, lime, and onion (which I left out of the picture bc it didn’t fit the color scheme)

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My blogging priorities are all out of whack… I’ve been meaning to blog about Pro Mujer since March, but since it requires more writing than photos I just keep putting it off.  But no more!

Pro Mujer is a international micro-finance organization that empowers Latin American women through loans, business training, and healthcare services.  I have been interested in micro-finance since college & actually looked for a job/volunteer opportunity with them upon graduating, but nothing was available.  So after finally finding myself more “settled”, I decided to join Pro Mujer’s Junior Committee late last year, but became active earlier this year as we planned for Pro Mujer’s 20th anniversary celebration (big thanks to all who came out & supported btw!)

I don’t want this to be the longest blog post ever but I think there’s so much to say about the organization… I’ve been amazed by the caliber of the staff, the people the organization attracts for support, and its overall impact.  Pro Mujer’s loans create a cycle of empowerment within the community allowing women to make something of themselves & better provide for their families.  I think what most attracted me was that Pro Mujer is completely well rounded rather than just focusing on handing out money and their work really focuses on the needs of each community.

So… now… I/we need a little help from you guys. Recently, one of my Junior Committee colleagues, Giovanna Loiotile, was picked by LVMH/Make Up For Ever as 1 of 5 NYC trendsetters.  The video is a “day in the life of” type of thing & it prominently features Pro Mujer (with a lil cameo by yours truly! haha) – which is super exciting because if she wins the video will be featured at Fashion Week in September, raising Pro Mujer’s visibility exponentially!

Here’s what you gotta do (it wont take more than 5 mins – promise!):

1) Please visit the “Make Up For Ever USA” Facebook page

2) “Like” Make Up For Ever’s page (click the “like” button on the top left corner”)

3) Scroll down the page to the “Giovanna Loiotile Make Up For Ever Trendsetter” video

4) “Like” the video

Voting ends tomorrow so please please vote ASAP! As cheesy as it sounds, your vote counts! Gracias

In Toledo we decided to have a very traditional meal… Luckily we had a marvelous tour guide (jeje gracias Iñigo!) to escort us to a great restaurant, Casa Aurelio.

It started off with Perdiz-stuffed pimientos with hard boiled eggs and roasted veggies.

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Obviously I ate Tapas basically every day… It’s great how affordable decent food is!

We ate at Mercado San Miguel

Jamon Iberico stand… YUM
Our food… Jamon Iberico, mix of spanish cheeses, Cava, croquetas.

I actually don’t recommend the croquetas there… they were straight up Bechamel it was hard to distinguish the different flavors. If you’re having trouble distinguishing cod & just cheese there’s a problem! The jamon was obviously amazing, as was the cava, and the different cheeses.  I’m a sucker for a good Manchego.  Alex also got a plate of sundried tomatoes, cornichons, and caper berries.  Great for breaking up the heaviness of the cheese & jamon.

Then… we ate more Tapas for dinner!

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View from the hotel room

Classic Tram! Line no. 28

Flea marketing

Yumm… white sangria, cheese & olives in Belem


Santini – best. ice. cream. ever!!!