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My own private buffet!

Schnitzel & things’ eggplant schnitzel, austrian potato salad, & chickpea salad. Ergo the “stomach ease” tea I’m currently drinking.

Update (3/31): (bc I couldn’t elaborate on Tues when I was crazy busy).  This was my 2nd time at Schnitzel & things and I was a little disappointed.  Mostly because of the potato salad… I was obsessed the first time I had it and couldn’t get enough.  I’m not sure why but this time the salad was quite different and not as good.  I was also unhappy to realize my plate was basically brown and I much prefer to eat colorful things.  Not their fault, I could’ve chosen different sides.  Also, I recommend splitting this, it’ll be good for your belt AND wallet.


Last week I got some bad, though not unexpected, news.  And as I’m won’t to do, I went in search of a cookie to comfort me. I decided to finally pay for a Treats Truck creation (they always have samples which I generally go out of my way to get but I had never bought anything from them).

Here’s a photo of my Oatmeal Chocolate Chip cookie:








A lil small you say? I agree! Also, I love oatmeal in my choc chip cookies but I generally just sprinkle it in the mix so I know its there but it doesn’t overwhelm.  This cookie may have crossed that line.  The chocolate though was obviously good quality semi-sweet hence what happened next…

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