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Yesterday, VERY suddenly & unexpectedly the temperature just plummeted!  I hate it & am not mentally prepared.  Neither is my wardrobe… all my pants are dirty, boots & closed toe heels are in closets in CT as are all my transitional sweaters & coats.

So allow me to reminisce about my trip to Colombia…


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The head of shoes & accessories at Rag & Bone got my fav oxfords (& their first pair of shoes) made mini for her twin nieces… ADORABLE! & I’m so jealous…

Then there’s this lil girl…

Remember her from earlier this year?? Alia Wang, Alex’s niece, in custom Wang & platform converse (you can’t see the platform in this photo but oh, it’s there…).  This girl is insane.  Though she is obviously adorable I can’t say I love the tight cut-out shirt for little ones…

This weekend we hosted our 2nd annual Pulled Pork BBQ! It was quite a bit of work to get ready for the bash but well worth it.

Jj ordered 12 lbs of pork butt from The Meat Hook over a week in advance & picked it up Thursday.  I helped him with the dry rub Thursday night…

Some of the dry rub ingredients (I can’t give away all his secrets! he’d kill me…)

We patted down the meat & let it soak in the flavors for a day.

Saturday Jj woke up at 4am to get the grill started… 12 lbs of meat = 12 hrs of cooking time. Love this photo, you can see the sun is barely starting to come up & he looks so tired! This photo is thanks to Eden, who was just getting home as Jj started cooking (I, obviously, was still in bed)

Click through to see more food & party shots!

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Wow! Saturday night dinner… I had been to wd-50 a few years ago (when his popcorn soup was all the rage), but was super excited to finally go back!

We got the tasting menu & wine pairing when I realized that most of what was on the tasting was not on the regular menu so it totally seemed worth it.  AND I’m going to assume those frozen krispie treats at the end only came with the tasting menu… which definitely made it worth it!!! Those things were addictive.  But let’s start at the beginning.  Since I’m too lazy to type everything up, here’s the scan of our menu:

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Obviously I ate Tapas basically every day… It’s great how affordable decent food is!

We ate at Mercado San Miguel

Jamon Iberico stand… YUM
Our food… Jamon Iberico, mix of spanish cheeses, Cava, croquetas.

I actually don’t recommend the croquetas there… they were straight up Bechamel it was hard to distinguish the different flavors. If you’re having trouble distinguishing cod & just cheese there’s a problem! The jamon was obviously amazing, as was the cava, and the different cheeses.  I’m a sucker for a good Manchego.  Alex also got a plate of sundried tomatoes, cornichons, and caper berries.  Great for breaking up the heaviness of the cheese & jamon.

Then… we ate more Tapas for dinner!

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View from the hotel room

Classic Tram! Line no. 28

Flea marketing

Yumm… white sangria, cheese & olives in Belem


Santini – best. ice. cream. ever!!!

Photos from Madrid, Part I:

I love lil European streets.

Lunch en el Mercado de San Miguel.

Paseando por el Retiro.

Churros con chocolate! At San Gines.

Museo del Prado

Churros con chocolate

I hope I haven’t lost you guys… Just got back from my trip to Spain & Portugal.  Will be back to regularly posting after catching up with work!

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