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Guess what’s in here…

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The Suno sample sale was awesome! Not only because of its wide variety of sizes & super nice sales people but also because, at one point I was the ONLY one there… Expecting the typical sample sale chaos & meagre pickings this was a wonderful surprise! (though not for my wallet).

Also, for those thinking the only male employee (who I think is there for security) doesn’t seem interested in all the chicks undressing throughout the room – don’t fool yourself.  Admittedly, I was shy trying stuff on at first but I’m not buying non-returnable items without trying them on.  Then, getting the impression he was rather uninterested I decided to start trying everything on. To my surprise, when I was paying he came up, pointed at my skirt, & said “oh, you got that one! Good, I saw you trying on the burgundy one & wanted to tell you this color looked much better.”  Just a warning…

Anyway, click through to see what I snagged!

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Look at all those red soles!!

From Elle & The Coveteur: a peek inside Khloe Kardashian’s closet.  I DIE with envy, but now know exactly what my closet is going to look like in a few (hahaha – maybe 40?) years.

Aka this is what happens when you ask a 6 yr old to take a pic of your shoes.

Christian Louboutin wedges.

Weekend/Rehearsal dinner edition
Does 2004 count as vintage? If so, vintage YSL.

Photo taken by Dani.

I finally decided to whip this Wang out… aaahhhahahahah!!

I’ll layer on some necklaces & get back to you, but I couldn’t resist posting my genius pun.  Alexander Wang dress… duh

Exhibit A of why I buy expensive shoes.
I’m pretty sure I got these in High school… no Aldo or Steve Madden will last you that long. I will admit that I don’t wear them that often. Still, they’re sturdy, well-made, a great work shoe & with all this loafer/Oxford madness they also happen to be back on trend!

Except I lie. Have u seen the whether today?! I’m clearly not wearing these. My feet are nicely bundled up in cashmere blend socks & these guys:

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Love Friendly Fires & loving their new song!!  They’re always fun and danceable without being too cluby/Euro-trashy.  Not to say I don’t enjoy Euro-trash club songs as well!

And some sparkles to brighten up my Thursday!

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Nicole got invited to Target’s GO International Collective launch at Opening Ceremony at the Ace Hotel last week and added me as her Plus One.

Our mentality was yay! we won’t have to go to Target like all the masses.  No other expectations… Hah! Since when are we so naive??

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