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I meant to post this yday for my bday – but I was too busy celebrating!

Las Mañanitas

(not the funnest video but the best version of the song so…)


In preparation for my trip to Colombia (2 days!!) I’m trying listen to some of the hits down there so I’m not totally outta the loop at the wedding.  Honestly, I don’t know if this is making it big or not but by the looks of the video I want to say… No.

Either way, it totally puts me in the mood to dance & have some beach drinks!!

Warning… I loved this song & am a little saddened now that I saw the video, so maybe just hit play & don’t look at the screen.  This guy is like a little wannabe MJ with a hint of Freddie Mercury (the big mouth mostly) – which was the 1st comment I saw on YouTube & so accurate!!

Obviously I ate Tapas basically every day… It’s great how affordable decent food is!

We ate at Mercado San Miguel

Jamon Iberico stand… YUM
Our food… Jamon Iberico, mix of spanish cheeses, Cava, croquetas.

I actually don’t recommend the croquetas there… they were straight up Bechamel it was hard to distinguish the different flavors. If you’re having trouble distinguishing cod & just cheese there’s a problem! The jamon was obviously amazing, as was the cava, and the different cheeses.  I’m a sucker for a good Manchego.  Alex also got a plate of sundried tomatoes, cornichons, and caper berries.  Great for breaking up the heaviness of the cheese & jamon.

Then… we ate more Tapas for dinner!

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Lunch in Madrid near the Plaza Mayor

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Chile has a TV show called “Yo soy” (I am) in which contestants do celebrity imitations. No one was expecting this dude!!

The commentator’s expressions are amazing! I probably made the same ones, but at least nobody’s recording me.

And it gets better…

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This is by far the BEST version I have ever heard/seen of this song & it just made my afternoon!!!

Also, please note (Naco!!) the 1st verse Enrique Iglesias sings.  Haha! I laughed sssooo hard.

Changuitos! That’s fingers crossed/good luck in mexican… Repeat after me gringos: Little Monkeys!