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Although I regularly write greenmarket picks for Nona Brooklyn I decided to try another Profile piece.  This time it was Tanoreen.  It’s in Bay Ridge (like 1 hr away!) and has been around for years but has recently had a massive PR explosion.  Everyone’s raving about it! Below are Rawia (the chef/owner, right) & her daughter, Jumana (admin).

It’s family style middle eastern/mediterranean food and its delicious!! Food photos after the jump!

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Wow! Saturday night dinner… I had been to wd-50 a few years ago (when his popcorn soup was all the rage), but was super excited to finally go back!

We got the tasting menu & wine pairing when I realized that most of what was on the tasting was not on the regular menu so it totally seemed worth it.  AND I’m going to assume those frozen krispie treats at the end only came with the tasting menu… which definitely made it worth it!!! Those things were addictive.  But let’s start at the beginning.  Since I’m too lazy to type everything up, here’s the scan of our menu:

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Obviously I ate Tapas basically every day… It’s great how affordable decent food is!

We ate at Mercado San Miguel

Jamon Iberico stand… YUM
Our food… Jamon Iberico, mix of spanish cheeses, Cava, croquetas.

I actually don’t recommend the croquetas there… they were straight up Bechamel it was hard to distinguish the different flavors. If you’re having trouble distinguishing cod & just cheese there’s a problem! The jamon was obviously amazing, as was the cava, and the different cheeses.  I’m a sucker for a good Manchego.  Alex also got a plate of sundried tomatoes, cornichons, and caper berries.  Great for breaking up the heaviness of the cheese & jamon.

Then… we ate more Tapas for dinner!

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I had been looking forward to Bk Restaurant Week (aka Dine in Brooklyn) for months!! This one restaurant we always pass by has been publicizing it for awhile (honestly, it may be the only reason I knew this was going on).  But of course, when it actually happened I was completely unaware until the 2nd to last day.

Even though I know this is generally an opportunity to try new places, I reserved at Zenkitchi.  It’s delicious and unique, but I can’t get Jj to go back because he doesn’t really like the layout.  The tables at Zenkitchi are set up like booths with ceiling-high backs & small wooden blinds for extra privacy.  The waiters say something in Japanese before pulling up the blinds and if you need something there’s a little buzzer you press to get their attention.  Being the cheesy romantic I am, I love it!!

So with the promise of a $25 3-course dinner, I got Jj to go back with me.

Dine in prixe-fix menu

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After a miserable attempt at attending “The World’s Largest Bake Sale” at Grand Central, I was so happy to go home to a “surprise” cookie!!

Jj worked from home yesterday & asked my opinion on where he should go to lunch.

“Saltie, duh! And that way you can get a cookie to surprise me with when I get home from stats!”

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My own private buffet!

Schnitzel & things’ eggplant schnitzel, austrian potato salad, & chickpea salad. Ergo the “stomach ease” tea I’m currently drinking.

Update (3/31): (bc I couldn’t elaborate on Tues when I was crazy busy).  This was my 2nd time at Schnitzel & things and I was a little disappointed.  Mostly because of the potato salad… I was obsessed the first time I had it and couldn’t get enough.  I’m not sure why but this time the salad was quite different and not as good.  I was also unhappy to realize my plate was basically brown and I much prefer to eat colorful things.  Not their fault, I could’ve chosen different sides.  Also, I recommend splitting this, it’ll be good for your belt AND wallet.

I haven’t been to Blue Bottle in about 2 weeks! Which is rare, because it’s my weekend treat. I didn’t go this weekend because I went to Five Leaves – twice!! I like their coffee almost as much so I don’t bother going to Blue Bottle as well.

But I’m going through major withdrawal! Since Jj had to leave early & we didn’t go to work together, I thought I’d start off my day with some Blue Bottle treats!

Cappuccino & Buckwheat biscuit.

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GQ invited Das Racist to a cheese tasting at Murray’s after hearing them rhyme about cheese on their new album.

photo courtesy of Das Racist

Check out the slideshow, its pretty entertaining!

I took a premature Summer Friday to enjoy the nice weather with Jj & Toro.  We wanted to enjoy lunch in the garden, so went to Radish to pick up some food.

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Sneak peek into Momofuku’s secret lab… My guess is its the closet of the Milk Bar wholesale spot. Irrelevant. Watch, enjoy, have a laugh:

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon – Late Night Eats: Momofuku Test Kitchen – Video –

P.S. I really wanted to embed the video instead of sending you away.  My brain power is zilch today though, so off you go!