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My narcissistic pup

The kitchen is definitely my favorite room of the house!

It may be a little cramped but its the only room where every item has its place.

The view from the kitchen!

Beach vacation

The last fruits of summer


“There’s something abou you girl, and it’s rather strange” – Chromeo, When the Night Falls ft. Solange.

Fav line! And also funny bc I do sometimes really like Solange & her style, but sometimes I just think “ohh, girl, that’s whack!”. So yea, there’s something about her but there’s something sort of strange too…

This is off last year’s Business Casual but they’re still promoting it with new remixes.



I love Hercules & Love Affair so I’m really enjoying this remix!! It also sort of modernizes it taking out a bit of Chromeo’s new age-y sound.

This is my 100th post!! I feel like I’ve reached a few milestones very quickly on this blog.  It’s so exciting!!

On that note, I think I should share with you all that I published my first piece! (lots of exclamation points in this post – 100 maybe?) Check it out: The Art of Eating Local & let me know what you think – like it! tweet it! share it!

I would post Madonna’s Celebrate but I actually really really dislike that song so have this one instead:

I much prefer Daft Punk. Enjoy!! Celebrate & Dance for Free

Stacking rings – Is it cheesy that I’m dying for 2 js & a heart?

Photo courtesy of

Don’t tell me, I know the answer… And I’m going with “aww, cute!”

P.S. the heart comes in rose gold

As if I wasn’t already dying to relocate to an Italian beach for half the summer… Bob Sinclair releases his new song with Italian singer Raffaella Carra to remind me of what I’m missing!!

YAY!!! I (/you) did it… 1,000 views! I’m very very excited.  I really had no expectations going into this and therefore am not sure whether this actually was super fast for having reached 1,000 views but, I sort of think it is…

Thank you!!


Belly rub

Times flies! I just realized Jj & I completely neglected to “celebrate” Toro’s first month of being with us yesterday!! (Might have to do with the little temper tantrum I threw upon getting home – sorry :/).

So cuddly!

And my favorite photo of him:

& if you don’t, well, you don’t know me at all!

While she looks a lil freaky in this vid, this a great version of the song.

I do miss her bun days though so here’s a throwback:

Or is it better in the bathroom??

Baby I’m howlin’ for you

Everything Robyn touches is GOLD