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LOVE-ing “new” (relatively speaking) Florence & the Machine!!! Sometimes follow ups are hard, but its very her, what you would expect, and GREAT!


This isn’t that new anymore but I’m obsessed!

I finally read his Brooklyn Mag cover article so I’ve had this playing on repeat.

Note: the line “the clothes don’t make the man its the man that makes the clothes”.  Did you know he has his own “in-house” design team (yes, a la Gaga)? Though I find this line rather gratuitous because I don’t think it fits in the song, I kind of appreciated it after reading the article.

Her look totally freaks me out, especially considering she’s only 24 (?).  I do enjoy her sound though… that breathy, gloomy jazz/pop.  However you describe it, I think this song is undeniably great!

Click through for another song…

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Why Me? Because…

1. Jj is well Jj – between the bf & me we got that covered.

2. This song!! It’s [on of] my [many] song!! Nov, you can tell ’em why 😉

P.S. so it’s originally Jessie’s on a vacation far away.  JJ lead singer changed it to Elin’s (her name, obvs) & we would change it to Jenny… It became my (our) song in Morocco – def far away!

Hands down, BEST fall campaign EVER: Lanvin

In preparation for my trip to Colombia (2 days!!) I’m trying listen to some of the hits down there so I’m not totally outta the loop at the wedding.  Honestly, I don’t know if this is making it big or not but by the looks of the video I want to say… No.

Either way, it totally puts me in the mood to dance & have some beach drinks!!

Warning… I loved this song & am a little saddened now that I saw the video, so maybe just hit play & don’t look at the screen.  This guy is like a little wannabe MJ with a hint of Freddie Mercury (the big mouth mostly) – which was the 1st comment I saw on YouTube & so accurate!!

This needs no intro… so enjoy.

I’ve been waiting all morning for this to finally be released & be able to post it. But… I’m kinda disappointed.  It’s like thriller with pregnant ladies instead of zombies & Solange is only in it for 10 secs.  I love the song but the video… I just don’t get :/

I don’t know what to do guys… I do actually have posts lined up but WordPress’ photo uploader thing is on strike & refusing to acknowledge the tons of pictures I recently uploaded on to my comp.

Therefore I can’t tell you about the delicious salsa verde I made yesterday, or the yummy cucumber-yogurt sauce I created to accompany our Sunday night lamb chops, or the butter Jj decided to make on a whim.

I can, however, leave you with this great song & cool Drew Barrymore-directed Best Coast video for Wednesday… (I posted on G+ & my tumblr yday but I bet most of you didn’t see either of those things)

Ugh, apparently I can’t do that either. Go here & watch it – its worth it! & so is the behind the scenes video.

are you?

I’ve got a pit in stomach & knot in my throat… Waiting for the bus to come & clear out the office. THE END

Anyway, I don’t know why this is the song association of the day but it is.

I’ll get back in gear, maybe tomorrow, most likely next week.  So don’t leave me… I’ll have ice cream making updates, doggy treat baking adventures, photos of shoes I can’t afford, links to published pieces and more!