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I’m obsessed with these Rag & Bone Galaxy jeans & have been dying for something leather.  I want leather pants bc they’re awesome AND I can wear them to work! Also really want a leather pleated skirt…

Accessories: I get tired of carrying around huge bags – they’re heavy as is & then I just go crazy filling them up with crap I don’t need.  These cross body bags are light, versatile & gorgeous.  I love everything Alexander Wang & think his bags are the best priced.  That black snake skin botkier bag is on sale, and will dress up any ordinary outfit.  Finally, loving the Cambridge Satchel Co. bags – also super well priced (read: cheap!) and would love mine monogrammed!


The head of shoes & accessories at Rag & Bone got my fav oxfords (& their first pair of shoes) made mini for her twin nieces… ADORABLE! & I’m so jealous…

Then there’s this lil girl…

Remember her from earlier this year?? Alia Wang, Alex’s niece, in custom Wang & platform converse (you can’t see the platform in this photo but oh, it’s there…).  This girl is insane.  Though she is obviously adorable I can’t say I love the tight cut-out shirt for little ones…

Hands down, BEST fall campaign EVER: Lanvin

My go-to nail colors have always been red-based: coral, pink, orange, purples. I was totally on the yellow band wagon 2 yrs ago, but have always been reluctant to try blue or green nails.  This summer I’ve gone green a few times and am loving it so maybe now it’s time to be blue??  

Chanel “Les Jeans de Chanel” nail polishes in Blue Rebel, Coco Blue, and Blue Boy – inspired by denim colors – may just be the way to start! Coming out tomorrow for Fashion’s Night Out.

Yesterday, I finally made it to the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met.  First of all, I have never ever spent that much time at the met! Secondly, it blew my mind! It was such an amazing exhibit.

Not only were the clothes breathtaking but the layout itself and the overall execution of the theme of each room was absolutely outstanding!! Each room had a completely different feel – from the lighting & music to the “head treatments” and construction that transported you to another place.  I think that added immeasurable value to the exhibit because honestly I kept thinking “well, I could’ve just gone to the store every season”, but this really allowed you to see his inspirations & understand the moods behind each collection.

Welcome to:

For more photos (all room shots courtesy of the Met, photography isn’t allowed & AS IF I was the only one there!), click through!

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Today was supposed to be an ice cream post but after seeing these yday I decided to share this instead… Also, its apparently national ice cream month so there’ll be plenty of time for that.

Helena Bonham Carter for Marc Jacobs – seriously, what took so long?! Match made in heaven.  His ads are always a little quirky & HBC is the queen o’ that! Probably my favorite Marc Jacobs ads (though I did like Posh in the boxes, too)


I loved Hailee Steinfeld in True Grit – she was amazing! Then, she kept blowing me away with her fun age-appropriate looks on the red carpet and cute smile – you could see the kid was really enjoying herself.  Now, she’s the face of Miu Miu!

The campaign photos are great , especially the train tracks and pizza ones that keep her looking young. Click through to see the rest.

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Usually I go nuts during sale season (in a good way). Especially since the fashion world’s calendar is confused & they put all the same season stuff on sale.  I love it! I am having difficulties checking on the sales, though, because… remember these babies?? Yea, they were bought full price… and are now, obviously, on sale.  But don’t tell me how much!! I’ve managed to look away & not check out the sale price!

So there’s OC

And there’s Alexander Wang…

And then there’s Intermix & Comptoir des Cotonniers, who has super cute Frenchie T’s, bc the owner has a frenchie & does silk screen Ts.  I am debating whether its too ridiculous for me to have the pup & a Tshirt. But who says they have to be seen together??

Sadly,  I have recently become more of an adult and am now doing adult-like things such as paying rent, buying my own food, raising a pup, and paying bills.  I think I want to regress – move back in with the ‘rents & SHOP! Good plan no?

Possibly my fav pair of shoes…

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I’m clearly not a real blogger as I don’t [yet] have the YSL arty cocktail ring that every other [legit/successful] blogger has! Hmm… I’m going to have to fix that soon.

Photos courtesy of: Gary Pepper Vintage, 5 inch & up, The Man Repeller, and Pink Horrorshow