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I’m finally back with another installment of “What’s in the box?!”

These arrived last night in the mail, after waiting weeks and weeks for them!

Even the inside of the box is cool! As is the dust bag…

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Friday I was trying to donate to Obama before the deadline to enter to win the dinner with him.  Weirdly, my credit card would NOT go through. So I decided to try it somewhere else… how to test? Hmm..

I know! Order shoes!

So these are coming in the mail… Hopefully tomorrow!


The weather gets a little colder, the days get a little shorter, the leaves start changing color, and I get another year older…

Also, present season begins!! And here’s what I want:

1) Olympus EPL3: bc after LOTS of online research & hands-on investigating at photo stores, I decided I really like the look & feel of this one.  Obviously, also all its functionalities – most of which I don’t know how to use yet…

2) J Brand eggplant pants (sz 26): bc I live in my J Brand jeans! They fit me just right, are so comfy & I love this eggplant color for fall.

3) TOMS by The Row (sz 8): bc they are warm & comfy & I had to throw out my last pair.

4) Rachel Comey Mars Boots (sz 8): bc they are also comfy and oh so cute/cool! Best of all, they are all-season shoes! Perfect in fall/winter bc they’re boots (duh!) but also great for spring/summer with a cute little dress or cut-offs.  May not be able to wait til my birthday though since they are selling out so so fast!

5) Emerald Diego bucket bag: bc I’m obsessed with green & all things Wang.

6) Anais loafers in rose gold: bc I’m obsessed with rose gold & all things Wang and though I’m not expecting to get them, they’re impossible to leave off a wishlist…

Additional Wishlist items:

Mr. Dannijo stackable rings

Lastly, books! “How to Cook Everything” by Mark Bittman and “Blood Bones and Butter” by Gabrielle Hamilton.

For my Cinderella story…

Who wants to be my fairy godmother and get me these?!

I like this game… you? Guess whats in the box!

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Possibly my fav pair of shoes…

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Guess what’s in here…

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I want to apologize for my neglect… But that assumes there’s enough people out there who read this frequently enough to be annoyed by my neglect. Hmm… Take it as you will.

AND I still haven’t even begun to get through my vacay pics! Anyway here’s a great placeholder.  Can you believe these bookends?!

Too bad they’re not on sale… I may or may not be shedding a few tears…

(photo found of Solestruck blog – I’m assuming these are in McQueen stores though)

Look at all those red soles!!

From Elle & The Coveteur: a peek inside Khloe Kardashian’s closet.  I DIE with envy, but now know exactly what my closet is going to look like in a few (hahaha – maybe 40?) years.

I may not have been able to get my hands on these

Or these

But at least I did get this bad boy!

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