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After lots of ice cream making this summer, I knew I would next have to tackle my absolute most favorite ice cream flavor… Cookies & Cream.

Step 1: Making the cookies

And filling:

Disclaimer: I feel like I need to apologize for some of these ingredients… First, I didn’t want so much Hershey’s.  Technically you’re supposed to use dutch process dark but I couldn’t find any at our CT Stop & Shop! I shoulda done the shopping in NY first… Kinda the same goes for the Crisco. Ick. I needed shortening & there is such a thing as organic shortening, but again, that CT Stop & Shop!

Now to work.

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This weekend we hosted our 2nd annual Pulled Pork BBQ! It was quite a bit of work to get ready for the bash but well worth it.

Jj ordered 12 lbs of pork butt from The Meat Hook over a week in advance & picked it up Thursday.  I helped him with the dry rub Thursday night…

Some of the dry rub ingredients (I can’t give away all his secrets! he’d kill me…)

We patted down the meat & let it soak in the flavors for a day.

Saturday Jj woke up at 4am to get the grill started… 12 lbs of meat = 12 hrs of cooking time. Love this photo, you can see the sun is barely starting to come up & he looks so tired! This photo is thanks to Eden, who was just getting home as Jj started cooking (I, obviously, was still in bed)

Click through to see more food & party shots!

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Skip to minute 5 if you don’t have 7 mins to watch it… But you should all have 7 mins to watch this:

Ron Swanson Knows Food

I know this is a “cop out” post but it made me laugh out loud & its better than no post at all!


Cheesy title I know… but as a wee one, Poppa (my gramps) would take me to buy ice cream after church but would refuse to give it to me unless I said “I scream for ice cream!”.  Of course I was always mortified & said it rather reluctantly, but if it wasn’t for that I probably wouldn’t really remember my Sunday outings as a 5 yr old.

To the point: It’s finally ice cream season! And time to dust off the ice cream maker!

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Wow! Saturday night dinner… I had been to wd-50 a few years ago (when his popcorn soup was all the rage), but was super excited to finally go back!

We got the tasting menu & wine pairing when I realized that most of what was on the tasting was not on the regular menu so it totally seemed worth it.  AND I’m going to assume those frozen krispie treats at the end only came with the tasting menu… which definitely made it worth it!!! Those things were addictive.  But let’s start at the beginning.  Since I’m too lazy to type everything up, here’s the scan of our menu:

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Friday was national doughnut day & though everyday is some kind of day (Exhibit A:, I thought this was actually a sort of nice celebration rather than a random excuse to get Americans to eat more junk.

“Celebrated on the first Friday of June, National Doughnut Day is a tradition created by the Salvation Army in 1938 to honor women who served doughnuts to soldiers returning home from World War I.”

I think that’s nice no? Of course, I did not get a doughnut because – DUH! – I’m more of a cookie girl.  Luckily, I had a meeting on the UWS Friday & used it as wonderful excuse to get myself to… Levain Bakery!!

There is nothing, nothing, like a fresh gooey chocolate chip cookie…

Lunch in Madrid near the Plaza Mayor

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Photos from Madrid, Part I:

I love lil European streets.

Lunch en el Mercado de San Miguel.

Paseando por el Retiro.

Churros con chocolate! At San Gines.

Museo del Prado

Churros con chocolate

I hope I haven’t lost you guys… Just got back from my trip to Spain & Portugal.  Will be back to regularly posting after catching up with work!

For the past 2 weekends I’ve volunteered at the James Beard Foundation’s pop-up restaurant, JBF LTD, in Chelsea Market.  JBF has taken over the old Nicole Fahri/202 space for 27 days (ending May 14th).  During the day, sponsors like Gilt City, Food Network, and Delta Airlines do giveaways & hand out yummy samples.  There’s also different programming every day at 2:30.  While I was there there was a cooking demo on a big pink slap of Himalayan salt and a talk on the State of Food in NY with the Food editor from Time Out NY and the editor of Eatocracy, CNN’s food blog.  It’s been pretty fun!! And yummy too…

Each night different chefs such as Laurent Gras, David Chang, and Aaron Isreal do unique dinners for the lucky few able to snag tickets.  There’s also a cafe during the day… at which I took my quick lunch break.

Olive oil poached salmon with fennel salad, quinoa & fava beans, and a potato salad with olives.  Delicious!!! And only $10…

Before leaving for the day I treated myself to one of melt bakery’s ice cream sandwiches being sold at the Gilt City booth that day.

I went for the classis choc chip cookie with vanilla ice cream.  I really do think they’re my fav ice cream sandwiches ever… with the one’s at Milk & Cookies a very close second.  The cookies are chewy but hard enough to hold the sandwich together and there’s the perfect ratio of ice cream to cookie so that you get a nice bit of both in each bite. YUM!

I planned on saving some for Jj but worried it would melt on the way home and devoured the whole thing myself!