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This past weekend we acquired:

a 3-in-1 multi-cooker!! It’s a rice cooker, a pressure cooker, and a slow cooker! So excited to start experimenting with it.  Apparently, the Top Chef contestants are allowed to take ONE item with them… and this is what most pick.  Don’t ask me where I heard that, but I like to think I’m in the company of top chefs 😉

Also, I found this website, Pressure Cooker Diaries, that is probably going to be my new must read.

Our first experiment? Cranberry sauce:

A little too liquidy but smells good! Updates on recipes/food photos & such after turkey day.


~kitty in a bowl~

~crisp fall weekend day on a boat~

~yummy creative non-pasta dinner~

~cute Theyskens Theory skirt to be added to my closet soon~

~the cutest sad puppy I’ve ever seen~

~homemade cookies & cream ice cream!~

After lots of ice cream making this summer, I knew I would next have to tackle my absolute most favorite ice cream flavor… Cookies & Cream.

Step 1: Making the cookies

And filling:

Disclaimer: I feel like I need to apologize for some of these ingredients… First, I didn’t want so much Hershey’s.  Technically you’re supposed to use dutch process dark but I couldn’t find any at our CT Stop & Shop! I shoulda done the shopping in NY first… Kinda the same goes for the Crisco. Ick. I needed shortening & there is such a thing as organic shortening, but again, that CT Stop & Shop!

Now to work.

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On Saturday I had my CSA workshift at Garden of Eve.  As a parting gift they told me to grab whatever I wanted.  I went straight for the ground cherries as I had been eyeing them the whole 2 hrs I was there!

So I grabbed a pint, passed by the Ronnybrook stand for heavy cream, and bolted home! Yay ice cream!

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You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to make butter!! For some reason Jj got curious & decided to try his hand at it.

Ingredients: Heavy cream & herbs

I don’t know if any of you did this as a 2nd grade science experiment (I did not) but apparently you put the heavy cream in a large container (I think you need some room for it) then shake it like crazy, for awhile, this part requires teamwork & Tada! You have butter.

That’s not how he did it though… Heavy cream goes into the stand mixer with the whisk attachment, cover the whole thing with a kitchen towel (bc the heavy cream splatters) & turn it on as high as it goes.  After a few mins the butter (aka fat) will separate from the liquid (aka buttermilk!).  Pour it through a sieve to make sure you get all the butter – you’ll want to save the buttermilk to make pancakes, scones, biscuits, whatever – and form it together.

Chive-lemon thyme butter

At this point you can add whatever flavoring you want. I recommend leaving it unsalted or only adding a tiny sprinkle of salt because then you have super salty butter and have to be careful with how salty the bread or whatever it is that you’re eating it with is.

Again, WordPress is refusing to acknowledge the newest photos on my comp.  So still no butter fo ju!

But, this does bring you Missoni for Target! I cannot wait til September… but since I’m not one to line up for hours (days?) outside a store, I’m going to have to take my chances.  Here’s some photos they’ve finally released of the collection.

First, the ads:

This is the one that’s been popping up everywhere but there’s other I like more.

And my fav:

Bc she looks so chill & happy & isn’t that what you wished you were doing right now?! I’m assuming there’s a pool a few feet away or the ocean…

& now fore previews of the collection!

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I’ve been meaning to make salsa verde for a while but after going to San Antonio & having the MOST disappointing chilaquiles at the hotel I decided I needed to make my own salsa verde immediately in order to redeem that sad situation.

Tomatillos, cilantro, chile serrano, lime, and onion (which I left out of the picture bc it didn’t fit the color scheme)

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For our Pulled Pork BBQ I had to, of course, make some ice cream… I really really wanted to make something minty alas, our mint has not exactly been thriving.

So insistent on making some herbal ice cream (and with a lil push from Jj) I decided to try some pineapple sage ice cream.  Amazingly, I found a recipe for it online but it called for lemon.  Another ingredient I didn’t have… And in my herbal spirit I thought “why not use lemon thyme?!” And that’s what I did.

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This weekend we hosted our 2nd annual Pulled Pork BBQ! It was quite a bit of work to get ready for the bash but well worth it.

Jj ordered 12 lbs of pork butt from The Meat Hook over a week in advance & picked it up Thursday.  I helped him with the dry rub Thursday night…

Some of the dry rub ingredients (I can’t give away all his secrets! he’d kill me…)

We patted down the meat & let it soak in the flavors for a day.

Saturday Jj woke up at 4am to get the grill started… 12 lbs of meat = 12 hrs of cooking time. Love this photo, you can see the sun is barely starting to come up & he looks so tired! This photo is thanks to Eden, who was just getting home as Jj started cooking (I, obviously, was still in bed)

Click through to see more food & party shots!

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