After lots of ice cream making this summer, I knew I would next have to tackle my absolute most favorite ice cream flavor… Cookies & Cream.

Step 1: Making the cookies

And filling:

Disclaimer: I feel like I need to apologize for some of these ingredients… First, I didn’t want so much Hershey’s.  Technically you’re supposed to use dutch process dark but I couldn’t find any at our CT Stop & Shop! I shoulda done the shopping in NY first… Kinda the same goes for the Crisco. Ick. I needed shortening & there is such a thing as organic shortening, but again, that CT Stop & Shop!

Now to work.

The recipe I used for the cookies was kind enough to detail the whole process & let us know that we were definitely going to be believing we did something wrong.  This is why:

After 10 mins of mixing… this was my “dough”!  I was worried about over-working it so I finally took it out of the mixer & made 2 small balls with my hands & put them in the fridge.

Once the dough cooled, I rolled it out & got my pinche to work.

While she finished that & baked the cookies (8 mins at 350F), I got started on the filling.

All the ingredients in the mixer again & then into a pastry bag (aka ziploc with the corner cut off).

And there you have it! Homemade Oreos!!

Tips: Don’t skimp on ingredients (even if it seems like I did). They’re actually super easy! But you will think you did something wrong (a few times)… I promise it’ll work out.

Next up… the ice cream!