Although I regularly write greenmarket picks for Nona Brooklyn I decided to try another Profile piece.  This time it was Tanoreen.  It’s in Bay Ridge (like 1 hr away!) and has been around for years but has recently had a massive PR explosion.  Everyone’s raving about it! Below are Rawia (the chef/owner, right) & her daughter, Jumana (admin).

It’s family style middle eastern/mediterranean food and its delicious!! Food photos after the jump!

This is an eggplant neapolitan with babaganoush & chicken with slivered almonds in the background. Apologies for the empty plate…

Dessert has to be Knafeh.  It’s thin crunchy pasta surrounding a warm gooey cheese & topped with rosewater syrup & pistachios.  Perfectly sweet & not overwhelming.  Though it is huge! I had half of it for lunch the next day.

And a surprise? The lemonade! I generally dislike lemonade finding it way to sweet.  I hate that weird coating it leaves on your teeth.  So I originally rejected Rawia’s offer but she insisted it was good.  Good thing I trusted her! It’s clear she will not lead you astray.  The sugar in the lemonade works perfectly to counteract the acidity of the lemonades without leaving your mouth sticky.  The hint of mint makes it even more refreshing (I went a couple months ago when it was still scorchingly hot out).

I’ll definitely be going again! Even if it does take 1 hour to get there…

Head over HERE to read my interview with Rawia and Jumana & let me know what you think!