This is long overdue but I kept forgetting to get the photos from Jj… I finally did last night & here are photos from the best meal we had all 10 days in Colombia!

Our proud Chef

Background: we had walked about 40 mins to this beach, Playa Blanca on Barú, from our all-inclusive hotel.  We were on a rush to get back for our massages & hopefully grab a quick snack before.  However, as we walked back from our secluded spot on the beach we saw all these lil huts with picnic tables (imagine Barra Vieja, Acapulco if you’ve ever been) and I knew we had to eat there.  Jj was much more hesitant and not very willing to put his 1st world stomach up to this “challenge”.  I prevailed (obviously) after insisting that these were always the yummiest meals & it was just like Acapulco where I always ate & never got sick.

So after checking out the fish…

and picking out our lil guy, I sat & waited for the meal while Jj documented the entire thing step by step!!

Most of the fish was just tossed in a big vat of oil & fried to a crisp

Those fish are all fried… We decided to request ours “grilled” instead.

They clearly don’t grill that often…

Plating (these are all the fried fish – they were being plated for a huge group that came in).  They are clearly pros!

Our plated dish

THE END.  Devoured!

(p.s. sorry for the ‘eh’ photos – they’re obvs all iphone…)