On Saturday I had my CSA workshift at Garden of Eve.  As a parting gift they told me to grab whatever I wanted.  I went straight for the ground cherries as I had been eyeing them the whole 2 hrs I was there!

So I grabbed a pint, passed by the Ronnybrook stand for heavy cream, and bolted home! Yay ice cream!

I obviously couldn’t find a ground cherry (husk cherry, husk tomato, ground husk – everyone calls it something different) ice cream recipe so I had to figure it out myself.  Which is actually not very hard because you have a base that’s generally the same & then just flavor. Granted, I wasn’t too sure how to treat the cherries or whatever they are but after doing some research & seeing a lot of syrups and jams I decided that cooking them was def the way to go.

Technically for a syrup you do 1 c water & 2 c sugar but I didn’t want so much sugar bc there’s lots of sugar in the ice cream, too.  Also, I prefer not to use sugar so I subbed in some honey.  And I just eyeballed it.  I pretended I was going to give you guys a recipe but clearly my “eyeballing” things isn’t gonna cut it…

Let the sweetness & water come to a roiling boil for 5-8 mins before adding in 1 tsp vanilla extract & the ground cherries. Then let that boil another few minutes, 5-10 depending on how soft you want the ground cherries.

While that cooled, I did the ice cream base: 1.5 c whole milk, 1.5 c heavy cream, 5 egg yolks, 3/4 c sugar (again with the eyeballing – you can def put more if you want it sweeter).

Pour the ground cherry syrup into a bowl with the heavy cream, put aside.  Warm milk & sugar in a sauce pan.  Do not let boil.  Whisk egg yolks & keep whisking while pouring the warmed milk in.  Pour it all back into the saucepan & continue to stir over low/medium heat.  Once its thick enough to coat the back of the spoon or spatula pour through a sieve over the syrup & heavy cream.  TADA!

Just kidding… let cool (preferably overnight) then freeze according to manufacturer’s instructions.

and now… TADA!

Doesn’t this look like Van Leeuwen? You know why?! Bc the VL truck guy (that is always parked outside my place) gave me a bowl so that I could give him some to try… He will remain anonymous bc I’m sure he doesn’t want his boss to know he said my ice cream’s better! #win