Again, WordPress is refusing to acknowledge the newest photos on my comp.  So still no butter fo ju!

But, this does bring you Missoni for Target! I cannot wait til September… but since I’m not one to line up for hours (days?) outside a store, I’m going to have to take my chances.  Here’s some photos they’ve finally released of the collection.

First, the ads:

This is the one that’s been popping up everywhere but there’s other I like more.

And my fav:

Bc she looks so chill & happy & isn’t that what you wished you were doing right now?! I’m assuming there’s a pool a few feet away or the ocean…

& now fore previews of the collection!

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I think the baby stuff will not sell out and I want it!! Isn’t that the cutest onesy ever? I also want those pillows which happen to go perfectly with my eggplant couch arriving soon!

[Credits: ad photos from Because I’m Addicted and moodboard]