Have you heard of Arethusa Farm? No? You’re missing out.  It’s Manolo Blahnik milk!

Arethusa Farm is in Litchfield, CT near my parents’ weekend home (yes, I know how obnoxious that sounds. No, I can’t think of any other way to say it – deal).  We’ve been buying their milk for years – its so delicious… typical farm milk really – actually, award winning farm milk!

Anyway, soon after we started buying their milk we discovered the farm is actually owned by the CEO & VP of Manolo Blahnik.  I found it hysterical & totally random but they clearly love their new hobby.  Their cows win all sorts of shows and they’ve recently expanded to making cheese & ice cream.  Arethusa opened up a shop, which also includes space for their production, this summer in the old Bantam fire house. So guess what I did this weekend when I went to CT??

Went to visit of course! And buy ice cream, and cheese, and milk, and try everything! So yummy

That’s George behind the counter, sampling cheeses – camembert, farmer’s, and havarti.  How do I know its George? Not because I stalk but because apparently our lil hood in CT is turning into Hamptons part deux.  There were quite a few botoxed ladies in there chatting him up & talking about Palm Beach, magazine editors strolled in too… ALTERNATE UNIVERSE… we were so unprepared.

Back to the point… Ice cream. I probably should’ve named this blog I scream for Ice cream. When was the last time I talked about cookies?

I ordered Mint Chip but got to try the chocolate, coffee, and strawberry ones.  As soon as I tried the strawberry I regretted my decision, but I will now clearly be going to CT more often.  Oh, I also tried all the cheeses.  I don’t think I really have to tell you this ice cream is delicious, I already told you the milk is, and obviously that’s the main ingredient.  It’s that perfect creamy texture though were its more borderline gelato and less icey. Nom nom nom. The strawberry is of course made from fresh farm strawberries & is so refreshing!

You know I devoured my ice cream before the thought of taking a picture even crossed my mind! Fat kid tendencies, what can I do. Plus, my mom was standing over me & my sisters like a vulture waiting for one of us to offer up a taste until she finally came to her senses & got her own.  Honestly, my mint chip wasn’t chippy enough for me but I’m not gonna hold it against them. Left, chocolate. Right, coffee.

And the production facilities. There’s a big window to the right of the cashier that lets you see this whole back space.  I hope they do tours soon!