I’ve been meaning to make salsa verde for a while but after going to San Antonio & having the MOST disappointing chilaquiles at the hotel I decided I needed to make my own salsa verde immediately in order to redeem that sad situation.

Tomatillos, cilantro, chile serrano, lime, and onion (which I left out of the picture bc it didn’t fit the color scheme)

I like my salsa “cooked” so I plopped the tomatillos, chile & onion on a oiled skillet & let them brown.

Once they’d gotten some color they went straight into the blender.

I let them cool down a bit bc I’m afraid it’ll explode if I “blend” when they’re too hot…

Sprinkle some salt… Wwhhhiiirrrrr (that’s the blender obviously)… and TADA!!

Now I just have to make some chilaquiles…