For our Pulled Pork BBQ I had to, of course, make some ice cream… I really really wanted to make something minty alas, our mint has not exactly been thriving.

So insistent on making some herbal ice cream (and with a lil push from Jj) I decided to try some pineapple sage ice cream.  Amazingly, I found a recipe for it online but it called for lemon.  Another ingredient I didn’t have… And in my herbal spirit I thought “why not use lemon thyme?!” And that’s what I did.

I forgot an ingredient shot again 😦 I’m disappointed bc I’m a fan of those shots (just like I like teasing with the shoeboxes). Anyway, here’s my claw hand separating egg whites & yolks (ingredients, see!)

I didn’t end up using a recipe (well, except for some custard guidance from Leibovitz), and did not really know what to expect.  I am pretty proud of my custard making skills now though since I have had TWO consistently good textured ice creams in a row.  Big accomplishment people!

My (aka David Lebovitz’s) trick is to add about half the warm milk into the egg yolk very slowly while whisking vigorously and then dumping that into the rest of the warm milk.  Sounds so simple I know but I think all the times before I was letting the milk get way too hot so the egg would just immediately cook.  Trick 2? A sieve!! Below, custard cooling off.

This big pasta serving bowl has turned out to be an extremely handy cooling bath device! As usual, I just dug right in without stopping to take a pic, so I still do not have a fancy photo of a nice scoop of ice cream in a pretty bowl.  You know what though? I don’t have an ice cream scoop anyway!! (HINT HINT)

I didn’t know what to expect from this flavor ice cream… Pineapple Sage smells exactly like pineapple but turns out it tastes more like sage.  It came out fine & everyone seemed to enjoy it (people had seconds), but next time I’ll just run next door & buy some mint.