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I’m on vacay ! Just arrived in Colombia where I’ll be through the end of the month (which I know is only 6 days away). I didn’t prep a accordingly by writing drafts to publish sporadically so instead I’m taking a hiatus…

Hope everyone enjoys the last bits of summer – come back afterbLabor Day when we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming!


P.S. Pls forgive any typos – the iPad doesn’t show me what P.S. Pls forgive any typos – the iPad uses “invisible” font so I can’t see what I’m writing….


In preparation for my trip to Colombia (2 days!!) I’m trying listen to some of the hits down there so I’m not totally outta the loop at the wedding.  Honestly, I don’t know if this is making it big or not but by the looks of the video I want to say… No.

Either way, it totally puts me in the mood to dance & have some beach drinks!!

Warning… I loved this song & am a little saddened now that I saw the video, so maybe just hit play & don’t look at the screen.  This guy is like a little wannabe MJ with a hint of Freddie Mercury (the big mouth mostly) – which was the 1st comment I saw on YouTube & so accurate!!

This needs no intro… so enjoy.

Hey cool!! I love Suno & I love sunglasses & I’m so excited for Suno printed Warby Parker sunnies (at a seemingly reasonable price?!)

They’ve created 3 limited edition sunglasses… Refinery29 got a preview in February but it seems now they’ve added an aviator version too!


Also, in case you didn’t know… Warby Parker is a TOMS style brand in that they give a person in need a pair of specs for each bought! So you can still be stylish & a do gooder!

On Saturday I had my CSA workshift at Garden of Eve.  As a parting gift they told me to grab whatever I wanted.  I went straight for the ground cherries as I had been eyeing them the whole 2 hrs I was there!

So I grabbed a pint, passed by the Ronnybrook stand for heavy cream, and bolted home! Yay ice cream!

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I’ve been waiting all morning for this to finally be released & be able to post it. But… I’m kinda disappointed.  It’s like thriller with pregnant ladies instead of zombies & Solange is only in it for 10 secs.  I love the song but the video… I just don’t get :/

You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to make butter!! For some reason Jj got curious & decided to try his hand at it.

Ingredients: Heavy cream & herbs

I don’t know if any of you did this as a 2nd grade science experiment (I did not) but apparently you put the heavy cream in a large container (I think you need some room for it) then shake it like crazy, for awhile, this part requires teamwork & Tada! You have butter.

That’s not how he did it though… Heavy cream goes into the stand mixer with the whisk attachment, cover the whole thing with a kitchen towel (bc the heavy cream splatters) & turn it on as high as it goes.  After a few mins the butter (aka fat) will separate from the liquid (aka buttermilk!).  Pour it through a sieve to make sure you get all the butter – you’ll want to save the buttermilk to make pancakes, scones, biscuits, whatever – and form it together.

Chive-lemon thyme butter

At this point you can add whatever flavoring you want. I recommend leaving it unsalted or only adding a tiny sprinkle of salt because then you have super salty butter and have to be careful with how salty the bread or whatever it is that you’re eating it with is.

Again, WordPress is refusing to acknowledge the newest photos on my comp.  So still no butter fo ju!

But, this does bring you Missoni for Target! I cannot wait til September… but since I’m not one to line up for hours (days?) outside a store, I’m going to have to take my chances.  Here’s some photos they’ve finally released of the collection.

First, the ads:

This is the one that’s been popping up everywhere but there’s other I like more.

And my fav:

Bc she looks so chill & happy & isn’t that what you wished you were doing right now?! I’m assuming there’s a pool a few feet away or the ocean…

& now fore previews of the collection!

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Have you heard of Arethusa Farm? No? You’re missing out.  It’s Manolo Blahnik milk!

Arethusa Farm is in Litchfield, CT near my parents’ weekend home (yes, I know how obnoxious that sounds. No, I can’t think of any other way to say it – deal).  We’ve been buying their milk for years – its so delicious… typical farm milk really – actually, award winning farm milk!

Anyway, soon after we started buying their milk we discovered the farm is actually owned by the CEO & VP of Manolo Blahnik.  I found it hysterical & totally random but they clearly love their new hobby.  Their cows win all sorts of shows and they’ve recently expanded to making cheese & ice cream.  Arethusa opened up a shop, which also includes space for their production, this summer in the old Bantam fire house. So guess what I did this weekend when I went to CT??

Went to visit of course! And buy ice cream, and cheese, and milk, and try everything! So yummy

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I’ve been meaning to make salsa verde for a while but after going to San Antonio & having the MOST disappointing chilaquiles at the hotel I decided I needed to make my own salsa verde immediately in order to redeem that sad situation.

Tomatillos, cilantro, chile serrano, lime, and onion (which I left out of the picture bc it didn’t fit the color scheme)

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