This weekend we hosted our 2nd annual Pulled Pork BBQ! It was quite a bit of work to get ready for the bash but well worth it.

Jj ordered 12 lbs of pork butt from The Meat Hook over a week in advance & picked it up Thursday.  I helped him with the dry rub Thursday night…

Some of the dry rub ingredients (I can’t give away all his secrets! he’d kill me…)

We patted down the meat & let it soak in the flavors for a day.

Saturday Jj woke up at 4am to get the grill started… 12 lbs of meat = 12 hrs of cooking time. Love this photo, you can see the sun is barely starting to come up & he looks so tired! This photo is thanks to Eden, who was just getting home as Jj started cooking (I, obviously, was still in bed)

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Butt on the grill… almost ready!

I made a salad with lettuce, beets, and radishes from our CSA & some arugula & mesclun from our garden.  Sadly, we didn’t have as much arugula as I thought so I couldn’t make a whole salad but I think/hope you could still taste the peppery fresh arugula.  I didn’t get to try any so, if you had some, let me know if that’s true!

While not the most flattering pic of us, you can see some of the lil spread we had going… Challah Buns from Baker’s Bounty for the pulled pork sandwiches, Dan Delaney mac & cheese (so good!!), yummy cilantro jalapeño hummus (thanks Mridu!), veggies, olive dip, and much much more!

We also had some yummy desserts… Pecan Bourbon Pie from Hill Country Farm & a lil piece of [cookie] heaven thanks to always trusty Marc!

It was such a blast & I hope everyone enjoyed! Thanks again for all the goodies but most importantly for your company.  See you next year!