Usually I go nuts during sale season (in a good way). Especially since the fashion world’s calendar is confused & they put all the same season stuff on sale.  I love it! I am having difficulties checking on the sales, though, because… remember these babies?? Yea, they were bought full price… and are now, obviously, on sale.  But don’t tell me how much!! I’ve managed to look away & not check out the sale price!

So there’s OC

And there’s Alexander Wang…

And then there’s Intermix & Comptoir des Cotonniers, who has super cute Frenchie T’s, bc the owner has a frenchie & does silk screen Ts.  I am debating whether its too ridiculous for me to have the pup & a Tshirt. But who says they have to be seen together??

Sadly,  I have recently become more of an adult and am now doing adult-like things such as paying rent, buying my own food, raising a pup, and paying bills.  I think I want to regress – move back in with the ‘rents & SHOP! Good plan no?