I feel like my posts are either baking/desserts or pasta.  I had broccoli rabe in the fridge and my instinct is to cook it with some spicy sausage and pasta but for the sake of diversity I decided to be (a tiny bit) creative and NOT do pasta.

So, I picked up some scallops & wild rice & got a-cookin’.

The rice took the longest so I got that ready first.  Boiled the water, quickly blanched the broccoli rabe, took them out with my new handy-dandy tongs, and dumped in the rice.  I relaxed a bit while that cooked because everything else goes so fast!

Tossed the broccoli rabe in a pan with some heated olive oil & red pepper flakes (probs my most used ingredient after salt & olive oil – I love love love that subtle flavorful kick).  I meant to heat garlic in the oil for the scallops but after chopping it I placed it on the spatula & forgot about it until I used the spatula to stir the rice and realized my already garlic-ed rice was going to be extra garlic-y!! Oh well…

The scallops take 2 secs to cook so once everything else was ready I put them in the pan – cooking them on 1 side for 2-3 mins, flipping, & cooking for a couple more mins on the other side.  Key is to make sure they stay springy!

Sadly, they didn’t brown that much but they were still super delicious!!