Cheesy title I know… but as a wee one, Poppa (my gramps) would take me to buy ice cream after church but would refuse to give it to me unless I said “I scream for ice cream!”.  Of course I was always mortified & said it rather reluctantly, but if it wasn’t for that I probably wouldn’t really remember my Sunday outings as a 5 yr old.

To the point: It’s finally ice cream season! And time to dust off the ice cream maker!

Honestly, I have not made the best ice creams in the past.  But, as with everything, practice makes perfect.  Oh, and a little help from David Lebovitz!

We have lavender growing in the garden and I wanted to do a simple yet delicious flavor that would go with everything.  Honey Lavender it is!

Infusing the honey with fresh lavender

I finally mastered the art of custard making (this is where David Lebovitz came in – easy recipes, guaranteed results).  If you’re venturing into homemade ice cream making for the first time I definitely recommend getting Lebovitz’s book “The Perfect Scoop” or at least googling & looking for this recipe.  Before, the texture was always somewhat off, but this ice cream came out silky smooth and creamy – not to brag but it was DAMN good.

Cooling down the custard & taking out the lavender.

Of course the ice cream was almost totally devoured before I realized I hadn’t taken a picture of it finished.  So, use your imaginations… this is all I got:

Looks delicious right?! Well, it was!