I volunteered at Northside Festival this weekend & ended up working Bk bowl for both shifts – great for me since its so close & I got to befriend the bouncers!

Friday night I stoodg outside checking badges.  A ton of people came by asking who was playing and when I said Dom most asked who that was & what kind of music they played.  My co-volunteer & I simply responded with a shrug of the shoulders (terrible, I know).

I was getting a little fed up being there especially since my feet were soaked because my TOMS absorbed every ounce of water on the sidewalk.  Once Beirut’s set in McCarren started & we realized we could hear most of it, we cheered up.  A song I really like came on & I got excited, but then noticed it was way to clear to be Beirut… so I googled the lyrics and realized… it was Dom!!! DUH…