Quite possibly one of my favorite dishes/meals ever. When Stef told me recently she had just tried shellfish for the first time I told her she had to try this pasta! So we made a date, bought the ingredients & wine & got cooking (good lookin’!)

The clams popping open like popcorn… so fun!

I didn’t get an ingredients shot this time bc it was getting late & we wanted to get everything ready before the sun went down so we could enjoy the meal outside…

I followed Bon Appettit’s guidelines (I think from the May issue?) but its a super simple dish to make.  While the pasta water boils & pasta cooks, you heat olive oil with some garlic & red pepper chili flakes in a pan, then add 1/4 c of wine (this is for 2 people), then toss in the clams & watch them pop!  When they’ve all opened (3-5 mins), put them in a bowl & put the (undercooked) pasta in the pan with the pan sauce…

If you forget to take the pasta out before its fully cooked, don’t worry… just turn off the heat & mix it around in the “broth”.  The point is that it absorbs the juices from the pan, so it doesn’t really matter if it continues cooking or not.  Then toss the clams back in, mix it all up & viola! Oh, and chop up some parsley to sprinkle on top.