I’ve been thinking awhile about making Toro homemade treats… something healthy  that he could also enjoy. For the first experiment, I decided on something to help him with his puppy dandruff.

Look at that face!

Toro gets a little bit of dandruff after baths.  I’d heard a lot about adding more fatty acids (oils mostly) to his diet.  So instead of just sprinkling it over his food I decided to incorporate that into his treats.  I used potato flour because apparently frenchies don’t take well to grain.

So I made peanut butter treats with cod liver oil to help make Toro’s coat shiny & smooth!

Potato flour & peanut butter

Mixed in some water & the cod liver oil & got mixing…

Yes, I wrote out his name in treats… & threw in 2 js for fun… I’m sure the js tasted the best! Obviously, as this was my first time experimenting with this & I didn’t want to use eggs or milk, the texture of the dough was a little weird.  It was rubbery & didn’t stick together well, but wanting to follow through I tossed the treats in the oven anyway.

They browned a bit, but didn’t get crunchy like I hoped.  This probably turned out to be a good thing as it seemed to force Toro to actually chew the treat (which he tends not to do).  He seemed to like them – he devoured them & got excited if he saw me fiddling with the bag.  While I’m not ready to call them a total success (they had a super short shelf life), it was a satisfactory beginning to my puppy treat baking experiments. More to come!