In Toledo we decided to have a very traditional meal… Luckily we had a marvelous tour guide (jeje gracias Iñigo!) to escort us to a great restaurant, Casa Aurelio.

It started off with Perdiz-stuffed pimientos with hard boiled eggs and roasted veggies.

I could eat stuffed pimentos all day! In fact, I may have eaten them at every meal…

Then, we ordered the 3 most traditional dishes, Perdiz (partridge), suckling pig, and cordero asado (lamb).

The suckling pig… look at that crackly skin!! Ssoo good…

Leg of lamb… simple, & good, but the least flavorful/exciting of the lot


The food was all delicious & I love to try traditional foods when I travel.  A nice relaxing meal in an old Toledan restaurant! Topped off with mazapan & a layer cake (mazapan, choc mouse & chantilly).

The end!

P.S. seeing as this trip was a month ago & the posts are all scattered between regular, more timely posts… I may just end Spain/Portugal here