I stopped watching House awhile ago… when it got scheduled at the same time as Gossip Girl.  I think they moved it again after that but I had lost momentum & though I still think its a great entertaining show, it always follows the same story line thus I got over it. But not over Hugh Laurie.

I did know he played instruments, but assumed it was a hobby.  Appears he’s taken it much more seriously since he recently released an album… a blues album!

I like this vid because his British accent still cracks me up (so unexpected that 1st time!), and its interesting to hear it completely disappear when he sings.  But if you’d rather just listen to some songs, click through

I like this one

here’s another

I may or may not like this – I’m undecided.  His voice sounds really forced but I’m still going to give it a chance & reserve final judgment until I’ve listened through a few of them.

P.S. In doing research for this post (aka watching too many vids of Hugh Laurie on YouTube) I found that he sang a lot in his comedy days (I did, at least, know he had roots as a comedian). And I also found this clip which made me laugh out loud. POOF cinq!