Wow! Saturday night dinner… I had been to wd-50 a few years ago (when his popcorn soup was all the rage), but was super excited to finally go back!

We got the tasting menu & wine pairing when I realized that most of what was on the tasting was not on the regular menu so it totally seemed worth it.  AND I’m going to assume those frozen krispie treats at the end only came with the tasting menu… which definitely made it worth it!!! Those things were addictive.  But let’s start at the beginning.  Since I’m too lazy to type everything up, here’s the scan of our menu:

I did not take pics of every course, because honestly, I’m not trying to be a food blogger & I really just want to dig into my plate.  That being said, I did take a few pics, especially of the most interesting dishes.

This is the everything bagel – the bagel was ice cream! & that lil wall of orange powdery stuff? The smoked salmon! I’m generally not into bagels & lox which is exactly what this tasted like.  But it was really interesting to take a bite of everything together & get that exact breakfast flavor in such different textures.

Foie Gras! Which was sadly overwhelmed by the passion fruit middle (the stuff that looks like yolk).  The foie gras (which I think the waiter said was dehydrated?) acted as a shell around the gooey passion fruit center.  I really enjoyed a few bites of this (probably because I do love passion fruit); but overall it had the texture of foie gras without the flavor & left us all wishing for a little bite of plain foie gras…

Poached egg with “shell”.  We all know Wylie loves him some egg & this dish is a classic of his.  It feels weird eating the shell (made from edible clay), but it doesn’t take away from the flavor and, of course, adds to the experience.  So draw.  It is a really yummy dish overall anyway.

I didn’t take a pick of the noodles because they really just looked like noodles but of the 12 plates we tasted this was on everyone’s top 3.  The banana chips added a really interesting texture & flavor to the dish without being too banan-y & crazy, instead it was subtle, delicious & added a vital crunchy element.

Quail – simple & delicious, really tender meat.  Definitely the least whimsical but no less flavorful.

The lamb loin I did not take a pic of but I did entertainingly state that the dish had Peyote instead of Chayote.  The boys had a kick out of that for awhile…

Palate cleanser… I loved! The ice cream had a very strong celery flavor which was totally unexpected since we all discussed how celery doesn’t really have a strong flavor… I got really excited about the frozen verjus  (which is wine before fermentation).  So I said “yum! like frozen wine” to which Jj replied “or grape juice…” Boo, delicious either way!

Apricot pudding, buckwheat ice cream, green tea powder & whipped cream, & diced rhubard. AH-May-ZING! I seriously considered licking my plate…

Chocolate “mousse”, frozen beets (hello, liquid nitrogen), ricotta ice cream, shortbread with long pepper, and candied cocoa nibs.  The chocolate was very rich & once I ran out of the other components I actually left some behind.  Otherwise, it was a great mix of unexpected flavors!

Chocolate packets – I don’t remember what was in ’em… pretty sure the waiter said some kind of graham  crackery thing but nobody else remembered either.  The frozen rice krispy treats were little balls of slightly savory rice krispy shells filled with a marshmallow-y ice cream.  I asked the waiter if we could have more… ’nuff said.

And just when you thought the fun was over… The waiter asks if we want to go into the kitchen! Do I?! I don’t know why this keeps happening to us but I love it!! So he took us into the kitchen to see the magic in action.  We met the chef de cuisine (Obvi Wylie wasn’t there), and got to see the dessert station where the make the egg shells (sort of like paper mache). Best way to end a delicious & unique meal!

Fish station


The magic potions!