I originally titled this post Pasta Salad but, honestly, I don’t think that sounds particularly appetizing.  Anyway, since the heat has raised scorching levels in the city Jj specifically requested that we eat cold pasta.  I wasn’t quite convinced bc its not like we had leftovers or already cooked pasta that I could make into a salad… but being the wonderful gf I am, I found a way to make it happen!

I bought some pasta at Bk flea last week from Flour City Pasta.  They make all kinds of pasta with different flavors such as chipotle cilantro fettuccine, wasabi linguine, and mushroom safron orzo.  I definitely want to go through as many of their pastas as I can, but to start off I decide to go simple: Spinach & Garlic Linguine.

Ingredients: aforementioned pasta, chicken sausage, tomato, parsley.

While the pasta water boiled, I sliced up the sausage (mushroom & peppers?) and put it in our brand new serving bowl and prepared the dressing

Pretty much my standard salad dressing but tweaked a lil for the pasta… olive oil, grain mustard, pepper, lemon, & parmesan (instead of the salt). Once the whole dish was ready I sprinkled a little salt over it.

My pinche:

cutest sous-chef no?!

After cooking the pasta, I placed it in an “ice bath”

Clearly not the best method… Jj saw & quickly came over to assist.  In my defense, I have to say these allergies are making me delusional.  Not that I’m not generally a little spacey but my allergies don’t even let me think.  Anyway, once I felt it was adequately cooled I tossed it in the (newly gifted) pasta bowl along with the sausage.

Topped the pasta with diced tomato, fresh parsley from the garlic and the dressing I made.  It came out much better than I expected and I have to say, out of my many cooking experiments, this is probably the best thing I’ve made with zero guidance (excluding Jj’s cooling rescue).