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My blogging priorities are all out of whack… I’ve been meaning to blog about Pro Mujer since March, but since it requires more writing than photos I just keep putting it off.  But no more!

Pro Mujer is a international micro-finance organization that empowers Latin American women through loans, business training, and healthcare services.  I have been interested in micro-finance since college & actually looked for a job/volunteer opportunity with them upon graduating, but nothing was available.  So after finally finding myself more “settled”, I decided to join Pro Mujer’s Junior Committee late last year, but became active earlier this year as we planned for Pro Mujer’s 20th anniversary celebration (big thanks to all who came out & supported btw!)

I don’t want this to be the longest blog post ever but I think there’s so much to say about the organization… I’ve been amazed by the caliber of the staff, the people the organization attracts for support, and its overall impact.  Pro Mujer’s loans create a cycle of empowerment within the community allowing women to make something of themselves & better provide for their families.  I think what most attracted me was that Pro Mujer is completely well rounded rather than just focusing on handing out money and their work really focuses on the needs of each community.

So… now… I/we need a little help from you guys. Recently, one of my Junior Committee colleagues, Giovanna Loiotile, was picked by LVMH/Make Up For Ever as 1 of 5 NYC trendsetters.  The video is a “day in the life of” type of thing & it prominently features Pro Mujer (with a lil cameo by yours truly! haha) – which is super exciting because if she wins the video will be featured at Fashion Week in September, raising Pro Mujer’s visibility exponentially!

Here’s what you gotta do (it wont take more than 5 mins – promise!):

1) Please visit the “Make Up For Ever USA” Facebook page

2) “Like” Make Up For Ever’s page (click the “like” button on the top left corner”)

3) Scroll down the page to the “Giovanna Loiotile Make Up For Ever Trendsetter” video

4) “Like” the video

Voting ends tomorrow so please please vote ASAP! As cheesy as it sounds, your vote counts! Gracias


Usually I go nuts during sale season (in a good way). Especially since the fashion world’s calendar is confused & they put all the same season stuff on sale.  I love it! I am having difficulties checking on the sales, though, because… remember these babies?? Yea, they were bought full price… and are now, obviously, on sale.  But don’t tell me how much!! I’ve managed to look away & not check out the sale price!

So there’s OC

And there’s Alexander Wang…

And then there’s Intermix & Comptoir des Cotonniers, who has super cute Frenchie T’s, bc the owner has a frenchie & does silk screen Ts.  I am debating whether its too ridiculous for me to have the pup & a Tshirt. But who says they have to be seen together??

Sadly,  I have recently become more of an adult and am now doing adult-like things such as paying rent, buying my own food, raising a pup, and paying bills.  I think I want to regress – move back in with the ‘rents & SHOP! Good plan no?

Do you know what the #1 song when you were born was?

Mine is Oh Sheila… Can’t decide if I’m disappointed or happily entertained by the awesomely awful 80’s vid.

I’ve pondered it and looked through the rest of the 1985 list & I’m actually super disappointed.  A week later and it could’ve been Take on Me! A week earlier and Dire Straits Money for Nothing – classic! Stef gets Broken Wings and Jj gets Don’t You (Forget About Me).  Nof air!

I feel like my posts are either baking/desserts or pasta.  I had broccoli rabe in the fridge and my instinct is to cook it with some spicy sausage and pasta but for the sake of diversity I decided to be (a tiny bit) creative and NOT do pasta.

So, I picked up some scallops & wild rice & got a-cookin’.

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Speaking of milestones…

I’m tweeting – @cookiesandheels, obv – Follow me!

And tumbling! woop woop Cookies & Heels Tumblr

and for your entertainment pleasure (bc otherwise this is an uber lame post…):

Savoir Adore – Loveliest Creature



This is my 100th post!! I feel like I’ve reached a few milestones very quickly on this blog.  It’s so exciting!!

On that note, I think I should share with you all that I published my first piece! (lots of exclamation points in this post – 100 maybe?) Check it out: The Art of Eating Local & let me know what you think – like it! tweet it! share it!

I would post Madonna’s Celebrate but I actually really really dislike that song so have this one instead:

I much prefer Daft Punk. Enjoy!! Celebrate & Dance for Free

Cheesy title I know… but as a wee one, Poppa (my gramps) would take me to buy ice cream after church but would refuse to give it to me unless I said “I scream for ice cream!”.  Of course I was always mortified & said it rather reluctantly, but if it wasn’t for that I probably wouldn’t really remember my Sunday outings as a 5 yr old.

To the point: It’s finally ice cream season! And time to dust off the ice cream maker!

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I volunteered at Northside Festival this weekend & ended up working Bk bowl for both shifts – great for me since its so close & I got to befriend the bouncers!

Friday night I stoodg outside checking badges.  A ton of people came by asking who was playing and when I said Dom most asked who that was & what kind of music they played.  My co-volunteer & I simply responded with a shrug of the shoulders (terrible, I know).

I was getting a little fed up being there especially since my feet were soaked because my TOMS absorbed every ounce of water on the sidewalk.  Once Beirut’s set in McCarren started & we realized we could hear most of it, we cheered up.  A song I really like came on & I got excited, but then noticed it was way to clear to be Beirut… so I googled the lyrics and realized… it was Dom!!! DUH…

Quite possibly one of my favorite dishes/meals ever. When Stef told me recently she had just tried shellfish for the first time I told her she had to try this pasta! So we made a date, bought the ingredients & wine & got cooking (good lookin’!)

The clams popping open like popcorn… so fun!

I didn’t get an ingredients shot this time bc it was getting late & we wanted to get everything ready before the sun went down so we could enjoy the meal outside…

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I’ve been thinking awhile about making Toro homemade treats… something healthy  that he could also enjoy. For the first experiment, I decided on something to help him with his puppy dandruff.

Look at that face!

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