I haven’t brought in lunch in awhile. A) bc I love food trucks B) bc I’ve been to hectic, mostly in bk, & not cooking.  But now that our comfy lil bk abode is really coming together and I finally remembered to take my wallet out with me while taking Toro for his am walk, I was able to put something together.

Deconstructed short rib sandwich.  Bread from Northside Bakery (which I’ve been meaning to pick up for the last week; note aforementioned wallet forgetting), leftover short rib from Peter’s (that dish is enough to serve 4 btw!), garden arugula, and maitake from the previous post.

I heated up the short rib, grabbed a drink, and built my sandwich!

Just so happens my office space decided to turn our “water bar” into a Sangria Bar!! And it was a strong… Most of you know I can def hold my own drinking… I almost didn’t finish the one cup I served myself.

Anyway, that + gossip girl season finale = very enjoyable lunch!