This weekend I went to the farmers market on a mission: learn something new about a seasonal ingredient.  My pick: maitake mushrooms.

Though I’ve eaten them quite a bit my culinary skills in terms of mushrooms involve grilling Portabellas or slicing baby bellas for salads, pizzas, whatever… so taking home a fist sized maitake was a tiny bit adventurous for me.

Apparently they’re great for the immune system! So much so that doctors recommend cancer patients begin adding them to their diet.  I wasn’t quite sure what to do with this though so the stand people recommended sautéing it.  He even told me he loves them with scrambled eggs. So…

that’s what I decided to do.

Since it was dinner I thought I’d toss in a side salad, too. So I went outside to harvest some arugula! Yea, you read it right!

Though its not the best photo (I need to train my photographer – aka bf – better) its the only one where you can also see our broccoli (the biggest leaves) and mesclun (to the left); there’s some celery & eggplant in the back too but you can’t see it because of the ginormous broccoli.

I dressed the arugula very lightly & shredded cheese on top bc Jj doesn’t like cheese on eggs but I still wanted some cheese on the plate! The maitake mushrooms gave the eggs a hint of woodsy-ness but otherwise I couldn’t really taste them.  The arugula, though… WOW! best arugula ever. I love arugula as is bc I think its such a versatile green (am I boring you?), but this stuff blew my mind.  It was so peppery, fresh, and delicious. Seriously, if you have even the tiniest space or a good sized pot, do yourself a favor & plant some arugula.