Lunch in Madrid near the Plaza Mayor

We stopped by various stands… jamón, quesos, croquetas, pinchos, etc.

I bought a tray of jamón iberico reserva and fuets, Penelope picked out a tray of Spanish cheeses, Al bought some a couple tapas and lots of croquetas. Then we went to pick up our cavas to wash it all down!

Nom nom nom! The jamón was insanely delicious as were the various cheeses – 1 goat, 1 cow, and 1 Manchego of course.  The croquetas actually disappointed – we had four different kinds but they all tasted the same bc they were overloaded with bechamel. The cava was perfect for washing it all down and made the meal feel a little less heavy.

Though we were stuffed we wanted to peak at the dessert stand.  P told us torrijas are a classic item. It locals a little like french toast but supposedly isn’t. It was served very very cold and none of us found it too exciting. Still willing to give it another shot…