The Suno sample sale was awesome! Not only because of its wide variety of sizes & super nice sales people but also because, at one point I was the ONLY one there… Expecting the typical sample sale chaos & meagre pickings this was a wonderful surprise! (though not for my wallet).

Also, for those thinking the only male employee (who I think is there for security) doesn’t seem interested in all the chicks undressing throughout the room – don’t fool yourself.  Admittedly, I was shy trying stuff on at first but I’m not buying non-returnable items without trying them on.  Then, getting the impression he was rather uninterested I decided to start trying everything on. To my surprise, when I was paying he came up, pointed at my skirt, & said “oh, you got that one! Good, I saw you trying on the burgundy one & wanted to tell you this color looked much better.”  Just a warning…

Anyway, click through to see what I snagged!

A sweet velvety mini with silk print and a kick-ass triangle wool vest.

While neither of the above items are particularly suno-y.  The skirt is going to be the perfect party staple and the vest has a tinge of sparkle that will brighten up any outfit.  I also love the little bit of cap sleeve.  It’s slightly big but since when is oversized outerwear a bad thing?

I also got:

Multicolor leopard skirt

My photo does it no justice – its a funkified pencil skirt with drop hip pockets and split seams on the sides.  I’ve just made up so much fashion lingo & if you have no idea what I’m talking about you’ll understand when I post an outfit pic so… Stay tuned!

I already threw on the vest though so here’s a shot of that:

Top knot & all!