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& almost summer!


View from the hotel room

Classic Tram! Line no. 28

Flea marketing

Yumm… white sangria, cheese & olives in Belem


Santini – best. ice. cream. ever!!!

I want to apologize for my neglect… But that assumes there’s enough people out there who read this frequently enough to be annoyed by my neglect. Hmm… Take it as you will.

AND I still haven’t even begun to get through my vacay pics! Anyway here’s a great placeholder.  Can you believe these bookends?!

Too bad they’re not on sale… I may or may not be shedding a few tears…

(photo found of Solestruck blog – I’m assuming these are in McQueen stores though)

I haven’t brought in lunch in awhile. A) bc I love food trucks B) bc I’ve been to hectic, mostly in bk, & not cooking.  But now that our comfy lil bk abode is really coming together and I finally remembered to take my wallet out with me while taking Toro for his am walk, I was able to put something together.

Deconstructed short rib sandwich.  Bread from Northside Bakery (which I’ve been meaning to pick up for the last week; note aforementioned wallet forgetting), leftover short rib from Peter’s (that dish is enough to serve 4 btw!), garden arugula, and maitake from the previous post.

I heated up the short rib, grabbed a drink, and built my sandwich!

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This weekend I went to the farmers market on a mission: learn something new about a seasonal ingredient.  My pick: maitake mushrooms.

Though I’ve eaten them quite a bit my culinary skills in terms of mushrooms involve grilling Portabellas or slicing baby bellas for salads, pizzas, whatever… so taking home a fist sized maitake was a tiny bit adventurous for me.

Apparently they’re great for the immune system! So much so that doctors recommend cancer patients begin adding them to their diet.  I wasn’t quite sure what to do with this though so the stand people recommended sautéing it.  He even told me he loves them with scrambled eggs. So…

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Jj & I decided to completely repaint the apartment.  I couldn’t stand the terrible paint job left by the previous tenants (see here).  But after painting one room, and though I am very happy with/proud of the results, we have decided to outsource… It’s so time consuming!! And also hard with the pup around… So, if you have any (cheap) recommendations please let us know!

The study before:

Prepping the frame for the whiteboard section


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Haven’t heard of Florrie? A) she’s cute! B) she’s talented (she writes, sings, plays drums & guitar) C) she’s unsigned so you can snatch all her music for free. And I want to say she’s Swedish bc its just so easy now with exciting music from cute girls BUT she’s not… anyway enjoy this new song:

and if you like, check out this other one too (which I actually like better)…

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Lunch in Madrid near the Plaza Mayor

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The Suno sample sale was awesome! Not only because of its wide variety of sizes & super nice sales people but also because, at one point I was the ONLY one there… Expecting the typical sample sale chaos & meagre pickings this was a wonderful surprise! (though not for my wallet).

Also, for those thinking the only male employee (who I think is there for security) doesn’t seem interested in all the chicks undressing throughout the room – don’t fool yourself.  Admittedly, I was shy trying stuff on at first but I’m not buying non-returnable items without trying them on.  Then, getting the impression he was rather uninterested I decided to start trying everything on. To my surprise, when I was paying he came up, pointed at my skirt, & said “oh, you got that one! Good, I saw you trying on the burgundy one & wanted to tell you this color looked much better.”  Just a warning…

Anyway, click through to see what I snagged!

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Photos from Madrid, Part I:

I love lil European streets.

Lunch en el Mercado de San Miguel.

Paseando por el Retiro.

Churros con chocolate! At San Gines.