Somehow the listserve gods knew I’m in major home-decorating mode & sent a couple awesome deals and tips my way!

First, an email from Brooklyn Based:

Home School: Repaint Your Living Room

They’ve decided to start a new series, “Home School”.  Each month, subscribers are given the opportunity to win a free home improvement job! Seeing as I’m making the big move to Bk next month & already planning out a million redesign projects, I got SUPER excited.

This first article is about repainting your living room & even gives you a chance to “win a freshly painted living room by a local contractor”.  The Mexican in me wants a burnt orange wall, especially because there’s a lot of blue in the living room I think it would complement nicely.  Jj is not convinced… No matter what though I’m getting rid of that weird pale yellow the previous tenants left and some expert opinion (& help) would make it 1,000x easier.

So, in order to win, I’m going to need your help! The winner is chosen by whoever gets the most “likes” on Facebook.  I’ve posted my before photos & need you all to go to The Sweeten & like my project.  Whether I win or lose only those who like my photos are invited to the housewarming/celebratory BBQ… THANKS!!!

Second, from The Skint:

the Hip Girl’s guide to Homemaking

The Skint is giving away 3 of these books.  Of course, I emailed them… Of course, I never win.  Anyway, I’m intent on making the apartment a comfy, clean, livable space as opposed to a boy’s messy, cluttered, dark hole (sorry amor, but you know my frustrations…) and from the inside peek I’ve gotten of the book it looks like a great, simple guide to all things home!

There are different sections for various rooms – kitchen, living, bath – outside areas, and cooking.  It also offers helpful hints for home improvements, gardening, and things like laundry mishaps.  What’s great about it too is that the author, Kate Payne, recognizes that we don’t all have unlimited budgets to fix-up/decorate our places and provides budget friendly resources and info on how to ge the most value out of things.  This book would make a great house warming present (wink, wink)!