I saw a photo or something of Spaghetti Carbonara during the week & decided it would be perfect for Brunch. I stopped by Bk Cheese Shop to pick up some Pancetta & Parmesan and got cooking…

I used Fettuccine because that’s what we had & really it makes no difference.  I also specifically searched for a Mario Batali recipe as Jj’s fav version of this pasta is the one at Lupa.

You’ll need: Pancetta, separated eggs (1 per person), cream, pasta, parmesan, black pepper. And salt & olive oil obvs

Cook the pancetta in a large pan (the recipe also said with onions, I skipped the onions…).

While this cooks, boil water with salt & olive oil for the pasta.

Once the pancetta is translucent pour in 1/2 cup panna (cream).

Drain pasta and put in pan.

Mix in shaved parmesan to taste.  Take off heat & vigorously stir in egg whites.

Serve in bowls & top with egg yolk & more parmesan.


The funny one on the left was Jj’s & the pretty one was mine – he doesn’t like his pasta topped with Parmesan, or drenched with pesto… Lame!

P.S. for further entertainment I highly recommend watching Batali cook with Jimmy Fallon.  Hysterical!