My mom & I decided to bake scones for bfast on her bday.  It really is marvelous having a home with a fully stocked pantry (& fridge) so you always have the basics for creations like these.  The recipe was for lemon cherry scones but we only had dried cranberries (instead of dried cherries), so Lemon Cornmeal Cranberry scones it was!

Actually, we were also missing butter… My parents & the girls use that Olivo spread for their toast & apparently we had run out of cooking/baking butter.  The thing is butter for scones is pretty essential (as is salt in everything – see below), because you don’t entirely mix it in & instead let chunks of it sort of float in the dough.  It’s part of why scones have that unique (read: dry) texture.

But clearly we went forth anyway… using Olivo.  And the scones came out kind of moist! Still scone-like, but less dry & flaky than they usually are.  It was quite a pleasant surprise & something we may repeat.

Scoops of scone dough

Topped with an egg yolk wash, lemon zest, & raw sugar before going into the oven

Golden & delicious!

Except my mother forgot to put salt in them!!! They were definitely lacking that lil kick salt provides, yet were still quite flavorful.