I had been looking forward to Bk Restaurant Week (aka Dine in Brooklyn) for months!! This one restaurant we always pass by has been publicizing it for awhile (honestly, it may be the only reason I knew this was going on).  But of course, when it actually happened I was completely unaware until the 2nd to last day.

Even though I know this is generally an opportunity to try new places, I reserved at Zenkitchi.  It’s delicious and unique, but I can’t get Jj to go back because he doesn’t really like the layout.  The tables at Zenkitchi are set up like booths with ceiling-high backs & small wooden blinds for extra privacy.  The waiters say something in Japanese before pulling up the blinds and if you need something there’s a little buzzer you press to get their attention.  Being the cheesy romantic I am, I love it!!

So with the promise of a $25 3-course dinner, I got Jj to go back with me.

Dine in prixe-fix menu

We ordered a bottle of warm sake which came with some sake snacks.

Sake Snacks!

Left to right: Tako (octopus) with wasabi, black seaweed, root veggies.  I think the octopus was raw; it was the weirdest texture – gooey/slimy on the outside with a hard center. I was not a big fan…

To start Jj got the Cold Fresh Tofu and I ordered the Maguro Carpaccio.  The carpaccio was great – fresh, thick cuts with a yuzu peanut sauce (I love that peanuty dressing!).  The Tofu is spectacular (even if you’re not a tofu lover!). It’s homemade, creamy, and served in the cutest compartmentalized bowl.

Tofu bowl

Tofu bowl compartments

The bottom houses the cubes of tofu with some soybeans & seaweed; the middle has condiments like scallions and what may or may not be roe (something red with a lil kick to it); the top is a light soy broth.  It also comes with a separate bowl where you can mix-in the various components however you like – it sounds like a lot of work but its delicious! Possibly my fav dish…

Entreés were Rocksalt Jidori Chicken for me & Pork Kakuni.  Both dishes come with miso soup & rice.  The miso soup has cabbage & snow peas instead of the usual tofu & scallions.  The pork was huge – 2 large pieces of slow-cooked pork belly arrived in broth with a hard boiled egg. It came with some red spicy sauce and a spicy mustard – Delicious!!  The chicken was very simple – it didn’t come with any rocksalt, but there was some lemon…

Left: Pork Kanuki. Right: Chicken

Story about me & lemons: I’m really into silk shirts because I’m a firm believer that I can throw on a bunch of random clothing and a silk shirt instantly pulls the outfit together.  I’m also a clumsy mess when I eat.  Silk shirts + messy eater = expensive dry cleaning bills 😦 .  Last time I had chicken at a restaurant that came with lemon I ended up BATHED in lemon juice; literally, BATHED.  My gorgeous Equipment shirt has been through 4 dry cleaning cycles in the last 3 weeks in lame attempts to get each & every stain out.  So on Zenkitchi night (which by the way was last Weds but I’ve tried to write this blog post about 3x & wordpress refuses to save it, so I boycotted for a couple of days), I was wearing a silk shirt Jj gave me for xmas… I cautiously squeezed the lemon while covering it and succeeded in getting the juice on the chicken instead of me! Then, I took a bite of the chicken – why do I insist on biting bite-size pieces?! – and Plop! onto my shirt it fell… lemon juice, grease and all.  I never learn.

On to dessert! Walnut Chocolate Pudding & Frozen Black Sesame Mousse (aka Ice cream).  I’m glad I’m writing all this out & took pics of the menu because Jj & I were complaining that the pudding wasn’t warm… that’s because the menu doesn’t saw warm – it says walnut!

Pudding & Black Sesame "mousse"

Walnut, warm, whatever – that pudding was ridiculously tasty! I discovered what the blinds & extra privacy are for – licking the bowl!!  Jj disagreed and pried it out of my hands.  Rude.  The “mousse” was yummy, too.  I love the texture of it… creamy isn’t the right description but its the best I can do.

And somehow our $25 3-course ended up being $40/person… Typical.