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Somehow the listserve gods knew I’m in major home-decorating mode & sent a couple awesome deals and tips my way!

First, an email from Brooklyn Based:

Home School: Repaint Your Living Room

They’ve decided to start a new series, “Home School”.  Each month, subscribers are given the opportunity to win a free home improvement job! Seeing as I’m making the big move to Bk next month & already planning out a million redesign projects, I got SUPER excited.

This first article is about repainting your living room & even gives you a chance to “win a freshly painted living room by a local contractor”.  The Mexican in me wants a burnt orange wall, especially because there’s a lot of blue in the living room I think it would complement nicely.  Jj is not convinced… No matter what though I’m getting rid of that weird pale yellow the previous tenants left and some expert opinion (& help) would make it 1,000x easier.

So, in order to win, I’m going to need your help! The winner is chosen by whoever gets the most “likes” on Facebook.  I’ve posted my before photos & need you all to go to The Sweeten & like my project.  Whether I win or lose only those who like my photos are invited to the housewarming/celebratory BBQ… THANKS!!!

Second, from The Skint:

the Hip Girl’s guide to Homemaking

The Skint is giving away 3 of these books.  Of course, I emailed them… Of course, I never win.  Anyway, I’m intent on making the apartment a comfy, clean, livable space as opposed to a boy’s messy, cluttered, dark hole (sorry amor, but you know my frustrations…) and from the inside peek I’ve gotten of the book it looks like a great, simple guide to all things home!

There are different sections for various rooms – kitchen, living, bath – outside areas, and cooking.  It also offers helpful hints for home improvements, gardening, and things like laundry mishaps.  What’s great about it too is that the author, Kate Payne, recognizes that we don’t all have unlimited budgets to fix-up/decorate our places and provides budget friendly resources and info on how to ge the most value out of things.  This book would make a great house warming present (wink, wink)!


Layers of bracelets! Tommy Ton photos

Daria photographed for Madame Figaro (Fr).  I want to be wherever she is – bangles, rings & gorgeous color (skin & nails) included!

MK Olsen.  I love the ring layering & am going through a ‘top knot’ phase a) bc I think its very cute b) my hair has reached ridiculous lengths & I can’t handle it.

Man Repeller layering: rings AND necklaces

For the past 2 weekends I’ve volunteered at the James Beard Foundation’s pop-up restaurant, JBF LTD, in Chelsea Market.  JBF has taken over the old Nicole Fahri/202 space for 27 days (ending May 14th).  During the day, sponsors like Gilt City, Food Network, and Delta Airlines do giveaways & hand out yummy samples.  There’s also different programming every day at 2:30.  While I was there there was a cooking demo on a big pink slap of Himalayan salt and a talk on the State of Food in NY with the Food editor from Time Out NY and the editor of Eatocracy, CNN’s food blog.  It’s been pretty fun!! And yummy too…

Each night different chefs such as Laurent Gras, David Chang, and Aaron Isreal do unique dinners for the lucky few able to snag tickets.  There’s also a cafe during the day… at which I took my quick lunch break.

Olive oil poached salmon with fennel salad, quinoa & fava beans, and a potato salad with olives.  Delicious!!! And only $10…

Before leaving for the day I treated myself to one of melt bakery’s ice cream sandwiches being sold at the Gilt City booth that day.

I went for the classis choc chip cookie with vanilla ice cream.  I really do think they’re my fav ice cream sandwiches ever… with the one’s at Milk & Cookies a very close second.  The cookies are chewy but hard enough to hold the sandwich together and there’s the perfect ratio of ice cream to cookie so that you get a nice bit of both in each bite. YUM!

I planned on saving some for Jj but worried it would melt on the way home and devoured the whole thing myself!

I’m clearly not a real blogger as I don’t [yet] have the YSL arty cocktail ring that every other [legit/successful] blogger has! Hmm… I’m going to have to fix that soon.

Photos courtesy of: Gary Pepper Vintage, 5 inch & up, The Man Repeller, and Pink Horrorshow

Jimmy Eat World is celebrating the 10th anniversary of their album “Bleed American”.  It was a big deal bc it was their main stream breakthrough – wait? have they released anything since?! Does a new album this year count? Irrelevant… Because I also realized that means its been 10 yrs since I’ve known all my TASIS friends!! I couldn’t be more grateful for the amazing friendships I made there.  Fell, reunion trip?!

I was obsessed with this entire album spring of ’01.  While studying for finals I would listen to this on repeat.  It transports me back to my slanted ceiling dorm room with the warm Swiss spring sun lighting up the room. It’s such feel good music!!

YAY!!! I (/you) did it… 1,000 views! I’m very very excited.  I really had no expectations going into this and therefore am not sure whether this actually was super fast for having reached 1,000 views but, I sort of think it is…

Thank you!!

Look at all those red soles!!

From Elle & The Coveteur: a peek inside Khloe Kardashian’s closet.  I DIE with envy, but now know exactly what my closet is going to look like in a few (hahaha – maybe 40?) years.

I saw a photo or something of Spaghetti Carbonara during the week & decided it would be perfect for Brunch. I stopped by Bk Cheese Shop to pick up some Pancetta & Parmesan and got cooking…

I used Fettuccine because that’s what we had & really it makes no difference.  I also specifically searched for a Mario Batali recipe as Jj’s fav version of this pasta is the one at Lupa.

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I may not have been able to get my hands on these

Or these

But at least I did get this bad boy!

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My mom & I decided to bake scones for bfast on her bday.  It really is marvelous having a home with a fully stocked pantry (& fridge) so you always have the basics for creations like these.  The recipe was for lemon cherry scones but we only had dried cranberries (instead of dried cherries), so Lemon Cornmeal Cranberry scones it was!

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