After a miserable attempt at attending “The World’s Largest Bake Sale” at Grand Central, I was so happy to go home to a “surprise” cookie!!

Jj worked from home yesterday & asked my opinion on where he should go to lunch.

“Saltie, duh! And that way you can get a cookie to surprise me with when I get home from stats!”

Almond choc chip cookie:







I’m actually not the biggest fan of nuts in my cookies. However… This didn’t have chunks, just some slivers & the delicious hint of nuttiness from the almonds.  I also want to know what chocolate they use because it was not the standard semi-sweet but more like a rich dark chocolate. Can’t wait til summer when I can have an ice cream sandwich with these!! Yuumm

P.S. sorry for the terrible photo quality, but by the time I realized I should be taking a photo I had (obviously) already gotten halfway through the cookie & I didn’t want to get my iPhone dirty since my hands were a lil greasy….