I haven’t been to Blue Bottle in about 2 weeks! Which is rare, because it’s my weekend treat. I didn’t go this weekend because I went to Five Leaves – twice!! I like their coffee almost as much so I don’t bother going to Blue Bottle as well.

But I’m going through major withdrawal! Since Jj had to leave early & we didn’t go to work together, I thought I’d start off my day with some Blue Bottle treats!

Cappuccino & Buckwheat biscuit.

The biscuit is so surprisingly good! Better than I expected, though I must admit it was a little too buttery, even sort of greasy… Otherwise it’s perfectly crunchy on the outside & (obviously) very moist on the inside. It’s innards are smoked ham from Marlow & Daughters, homemade blood orange jam, & cheddar cheese from a farm in MA (it’s one of those Brit names with 15 letters thats somehow pronounced in 1 syllable).

Nom nom nom – great way to start my Thursday!!!